RARC Field Day 2006

The 2006 RARC Field Day was held on the weekend of June 24-25 at the home QTH of NØADQ in eastern Dodge County. The club operated a CW station, a SSB phone station, two VHF/UHF stations, digital PSK-31 station and a GOTA (Get On The Air) station during the weekend event.

Thirty-six club and non-club hams participated in the 2006 RARC Field Day activity.

Annual Field Day Score Summary:

2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
QSOs 1306 2023 1201 1715 1917 2142
Points 3644 4244 2997 4680 4560 4223

RARC Field Day Summary by Brad AIØBP

Field Day Participants:
Peter Cross (WØSA), BJ Watts (KCØNPF), Bob Wiles (ABØBW), Brad Phelps (AIØBP), Paul Bill (WDØGCP), Bill Osler (KØRGR), Pat Cahill (NØADQ), Larry Loen (WOØZ), Bryan Borland (KCØWIJ), Steve Wiebke (WØSTV), Mel Larson (KCØP), Bill Gorder (KCØWIM), Stephanie Lake (KCØUTI), Joe Galloway (KBØRZW), Kari Ann Funkhouser (KCØWIP), Brad Lussenheide (NO CALL), Zach Sopher (NO CALL), Caitlin Robinson (NO CALL), Fant Steele (AA5F), Terry Van Benschoten (WØVB), Roger Kroupa (WBØISF), Fred Regennitter (K4IU), Judy Regennitter (KØUH), Dave Naatz (KØVH), Stew Lewis (WØSHL), Niel Wiegand (WØVLZ), John Scott (NØHZN), Rob Richter (KCØFOW), Greg Opdahl (KCØEEU), Bob Hart (KCØGND), Grant Kemp (KCØJOO), Don Borland (KCØQGB), Eric Van Norman (KFØS), Peter Wollan (N8MHD), Mike Robinson (NØMGY) and Randall Trapp (NO CALL)

Field Day Station Breakdown:
Station Station Captain Antenna(s)
GOTA Bill Osler (KØRGR) 80 Meter Vertical, 2 Slopers
HF CW Peter Cross (WØSA) Force 12 vertical dipoles for 20 and 40 meters
HF Digital Bob Wiles (ABØBW) G5RV and triband beam
HF Phone Pat Cahill (NØADQ) Carolina Windom and triband beam
VHF Station #1 (Rover) Mel Larson (KCØP) 6 meter dipole, 2 meter beam, 70cm beam
VHF Station #2 Brad Phelps (AIØBP) 5 Element 6 meter beam, 3 element 2 meter/70cm beam
Monitoring Station Randall Trapp (NO CALL) UHF beam for TV (Channel 17), High gain TV antenna
NOTE: Please don't hesitate to let me know if you see
anything that should be updated or corrected. I did my best to make sure
our participant list and station list were accurate, but I am only human. ;-)

The Numbers:
MODE 2006 2005 2004
CW 652 1273 339
Digital 99 120 155
Phone 1391 524 731
Bonus Points 1330 1250 1350
Total Score 4223 4560 4788

F I E L D    D A Y    N O T E S :

Preparations for field day started after breakfast on Saturday 6/24/2006 at around 9:00am. After setting up various antennas and stations, our 4A Field Day effort was underway at 1:00pm (well, most of us anyway.) The 6 Meter VHF station #2 was slow to get started due to weather, and because we needed to engineer a tower base since the ordered parts did not arrive on time (Thanks to AA5F for engineering the tower base.)

Responding to our 100 point bonus media letter, KTTC came out to see what field day was all about. Our site was filmed, and some of our operators were interviewed. Pat Cahill did a wonderful job representing RARC, and explaining the purpose of field day. His interview was aired on the news that night! Shortly after the news crew left, Randall informed us that a storm was approaching...

The storm was a good exercise in what conditions may be like in an emergency event. Operators scurried to shelter their ham gear, and bring antennas down before the lightning hit. Wind blew down the VHF Station #2 tent.

Though mother nature did not exactly cooperate throughout field day, we did not let the rain and wind dampen our spirits. Roger Kroupa (WBØISF) was kind enough to once again lend a helping hand with dinner preparations (wielding his BBQ supplies and his awesome looking trailored grill.) The club, family and friends enjoyed hotdogs and hamburgers while things began to dry off from the day's rain. Thanks to all who contributed to the cookout by bringing food, beverages or supplies.

After dinner, the club auctioned off some of its surplus supplies inlcuding:
  • Mosley CL33 HF Beam
  • SB220 AMP
  • Dip Meter
  • 2 Meter Mobile Radio

    The auction was a good deal for the club and for its members. The club was able to make some extra money on its surplus equipment, and members were able to purchase inexpensive equipment. After the auction, people began to operate again. The VHF Station #2 finally got on the air, and had its first contact: with South Texas.

    The next morning, John Scott (NØHZN) and Kari Ann Funkhouser (KCØWIP) were kind enough to make breakfast. Though some of us did not want to leave 6 meters operations (by early morning it was really open), we took time out to enjoy pancakes, eggs, potatos and sausage. It was good timing, because it started to rain once again after breakfast. Steve (WØSTV) quickly presented FSTV and APRS trying to outpace the approaching rain.

    Continuing to work from our operating shelters (all the while trying to keep our ham gear dry), we continued to rack up QSOs until 1:00pm on Sunday 6/25. At 1:00, the rain conveniently began to lighten up, and we began to tear down the field day site.

    Thanks again to all who helped with the RARC field day. I can not express how much I appreciate your help in making this event a success once again. Field day would not have happened without you.

    -- Brad (AIØBP)

    Field Day 2006 Photos

    Following photos provided by Brad AIØBP.

    RARC Field Day site at the Dodge county QTH of Pat NØADQ. Digital and SSB phone stations were located in trailer in background.

    Mel's (KCØP) rover station which acted as VHF station #1. Randall Trapp's monitoring station, and Peter Cross (WØSA) operating the CW station in the far trailer.
    GOTA station antennas: slopers, and 80 meter vertical. VHF station #2 (which prodominantly provided 6M communications.)

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