RARC Ham Radio Videos

A number of short videos have been made to highlight the variety of amateur radio activities that RARC members engage in. The length of each video varies from 5 to minutes.

Selected videos are used in the technician ham radio classes to introduce the students a variety of ham radio activities. The videos are also being shown to RARC members at the monthly club meetings.

Brief descriptions of the RARC ham radio videos are provided below. If you are a RARC member and have a ham radio activity that would be of interest to other members, please contact Brad, AIØBP.

Click for larger image Title: KØKTY - HF Station
Length: 2:05
Description: John KØKTY describes his home HF station.
Click for larger image Title: KØKTY - Mobile APRS
Length: 8:07
Description: John KØKTY provides a demonstration of mobile APRS position reports and messages in his motor home using a Kenwood D700A.
Click for larger image Title: KCØP - 10 GHz Microwave Station, Part 1 and
Part 2
Length: 10:53
Description: Mel KCØP demonstrates his 10 GHz station at Manor Park in west Rochester. Mel describes his microwave station hardware and talks about his recent contacts of over 200 miles.
Click for larger image Title: NØHZN - WØMXW 146.82 Repeater
Length: 6:30
Description: John NØHZN provides a tour of the WØMXW 146.82 repeater site and demonstrates a couple of the repeater controller functions.
Click for larger image Title: NWS - La Crosse, WI, Forecast Office
Length: 9:55
Description: Todd Shea, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, gives a tour of the NWS La Crosse Forecast Office. Todd demonstrates the NWS technology support for issuing weather warnings and describes their various communication links to surrounding counties including ham radio.
Click for larger image Title: WØSHL - HF Station and Working DX
Length: 8:47
Description: Stew WØSHL describes his home HF station and talks about the process he uses to confirm over 330 DX entities.
Click for larger image Title: WØSTV - Mobile and Base Stations
Length: 4:12
Description: Steve WØSTV describes his extensive mobile and base stations and his emergency communications preparations..
Click for larger image Title: WØVB - 2 Meter Weak Signal Station, Part 1 and Part 2
Length: 11:36
Description: Terry WØVB describes his rural station for working EME, aurora and meteor weak signals on 2 meters using a Software Defined Radio (SDR) Flex Radio Systems SDR-1000. The video contains an aurora contact with VE3AK and also a tour of Terry's six Yagi array.
Click for larger image Title: WØVLZ - Portable QRP Station
Length: 10:07
Description: Niel WØVLZ sets up his portable, "lunch box" QRP station, using a Elecraft K-1 kit transceiver, in Essex Park. Niel describes some of the locations and contacts he has made with his QRP station.
Click for larger image Title: WØVLZ - Vintage Radios
Length: 9:58
Description: Niel WØVLZ describes his eight vintage HF stations spanning from the 1930s through the 1960s and 1970s. He also shows some examples of his extensive collection of National Radio Company receivers and shows some of their unique design aspects and technology evolution.

Last update: December 31, 2008