RARC Meeting Minutes – December 2009



December 2009 RARC Meeting 12/8/09 at 7:00 p.m.




November 2009 Minutes moved and seconded for approval. Minutes accepted.




Rochester Amateur Radio Club

Treasurer's Report:  Tuesday, Dec 8, 2009

Account Balances:
Checking: $3,282.04
Savings: $5,689.83
Cash: $20.00
Total: $8,991.87

Transactions this period:
Interest: +$0.04
2010 Dues: +$100.00
United Way (IBM+Mayo): +$72.75
WØMXW-1 Tower Lease (5 yr): -$5.00
Qwest: -$16.57

Respectfully submitted,


RARC Treasurer

Membership status:  103 club members  (11 paid thru  2010)




New Club Officers Nominations  John NØHZN Moved and Robert KØRDA Seconded


Peter  N8MHD President


Grant  K1KD Vice President


Rodney KDØEBT Secretary


Bob KCØGND Treasurer


All officers were unanimously elected.




Address issue of honorary membership vs. student membership.


-Robert KØRDA Vice President Proposed and Tom KØWQR seconded to have a

1. reduced Student Membership dues at $5 which is a change from the current fee schedule  

2. remove the age limit

3. Remove the full time status.


This change will be proposed now and voted on at the January 2010 RARC  club meeting.


Submitted by Rodney, KDØEBT

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