Meeting Minutes- February 2009

The February meeting of the Rochester Armature Radio Club was called to order by President Peter, N8MHD, at 7:05 in room SH-120 at the RCTC campus. There were 34 members present

Peter started the meeting with introductions.

The January meeting minutes were approved.

Treasurer's Report:  Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Account Balances:









Transactions this period:



IBM United Way:


2009 dues:


ARRL Insurance Claim:


EXPO '08:


EXPO '08:




APRS Project:


Respectfully submitted,


RARC Treasurer

Membership status:  65 club members paid for 2009 



·         Tonight Expo 2009 and APRS trackers purchased by RARC through IBM grant

·         March’s program will be Field Day.

Committee Reports:

Tech. Committee- Rob KCØFOW

·         New members

·         Interference on 146.820 repeater, the cans are being checked out

·         Generator fir the .82 repeater was purchased

·         Looking into possible 2M band interference possibly being caused by a form of BPL

·         The antenna analyzer is going bad


·         Planning another meeting

Public Service- John NØHZN

·         May 15, Stay out of the sun run

·         May 21, Med City Marathon

·         May 30, Diabetes Tour De Cure

·         Possible events in August and October


·         One more month to take picture for new ARES badges

·         An E-mail will be sent about purchasing new vests

·         Discussed a possible club net to lead into the ARES net


·         Skywarn training is March 16 at 6:30 at the Rochester International Event center

·         Talked about having dinner before at the Hanger at 5:00

DX/Contesting- Scott KØMD

·         Big MN contest Just happened

·         ND QSO party next month

·         DXpadition to a Desecnco, a hot location, had been in the plans for 15 years happening call sign will be K5D

·         CW DX contest next weekend

Education- Scott KØMD

·         Committee chair is recovering

·         The Schaeffer club was active in the MN QSO party

·         Still working on the club at century

Field Day- Dave KØVH

·         Presenting next month

·         Looking for ideas for new things to try

·         Looking for a small tri-band beam

·         Looking for another RV to use

·         Taking place June 27th- June 28th

·         Looking for help with setup Friday and Saturday


·         Grant, KCØJOO, sent a letter responding to an article about how the phrasing of a law needs to be careful to not prohibit al radio use. He has had some feedback to the letter.

·         Exam session on Thursday at 6:30 at the American Red Cross building

New Business

·         Club retention after classes is low

EXPO Committee- Scott- KØMD

·         Interested in doing WØDXCC again

o        Different format

§         Saturday having programs at the UCR campus

§         Also having a banquet with raffle and prizes

§         No flea market

§         Will have a testing session

§         HF rig shootout

o        To take place July 18

·         Motion to release the fund from last expo, $3000, to use for this year’s was approved

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15




Robert, KØRDA, Talked about the ne APRS MicroTrak systems purchased through the IBM grant. HE showed the components and explained how the system works. He also showed the software needed to program the trackers.



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