Meeting Minutes  January 2009


The January meeting of the Rochester Amateur Radio Club was called to order by President Peter Wollan, N8NHD, at 7:01 in room EH-109 at the RCTC campus. There were 30 members present.


Peter started the meeting with introductions.



Rochester Amateur Radio Club

Treasurer's Report:  Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Account Balances:



Savings:  (note 1)






Transactions this period:



IBM United Way:


2009 dues:


IBM Grant:




Web Site Server:


RPU - 1Q09


1 - Includes repeater reserve fund, pending ARRL insurance payout
mailing of $450.00.

Respectfully submitted,


RARC Treasurer

Membership status:  33 club members paid for as of the start of the meeting.

RARC 2008 Annual Financial Report at:


Meeting Minutes:  The December 2008 meeting minutes were approved.


Tonight’s Program:

  • Peter, N8MHD, is doing a presentation on software antenna models
  • The February program will be on the APRS kits obtained through the IBM grant.
  • There are still talks about doing a kit build night


Committee Reports:


Technical Committee- Rob KCØFOW

  • The Tech. Committee did not meet.


Public Service- John NØHZN

  • The Frozen Goose run will be held February 7th.
  • Med City Marathon will be May 24th
  • The Diabetes Tour de Cure will be May 30th
    • Rob, KCØFOW, was presented with a Plaque for his help with last years event.



  • Renamed MedCom
  • First meeting is coming up soon
  • Contact John, NØHZN in you are interested in joining, you don’t need to be a Mayo employee



  • Taking orders for new ARES vests
    • ARES logo badge has to be bought separately, available from the ARRL website
  • Pictures for new ARES badges were taken and those that had pictures taken previously were given their new badges
  • Some changes have been made to the badges including adding a frequency list on the back side of the badge



  • Had a budget meeting
  • Wanting a Volunteer staff as liaisons to other organizations
    • Need to have a list of skills and be available to train 3 or 4 times a year
    • Need to be available for EOC/EM-50 call ups
    • Looking for about 10 people
    • Need to be careful about other commitments that may take place with those events
  • Off topic Steve announced that he will be running Echolink from his house on the 146.625 repeater
  • The Skywarn training will be held on March 16th at 6:30pm at the Rochester International Event Center



  • VHF contest starts Saturday at 1:00 and goes until Sunday at 10:00
  • North America QSO party Saturday and Sunday
  • Minnesota QSO part coming up soon



  • Not sure if the $1000 is still reserved
    • Pending talking with other people
    • Talking about starting with no budget for that committee but having any needs for funding submitted to the club as proposals


Field Day

  • Starting discussions
  • May want a few more people on the committee
  • Field Day will take place June 27th and 28th



Old Business:

  • Field Day discussion will be in May
  • Generator for the 146.820 repeater is waiting on the reimbursement check from the amp.


New Business:

  • Expo Committee has been established
    • Being headed by Scott Wright, KØMD
    • Discussing weather to have one this year or wait until 2010 but start organizing this September the later one being most likely
  • Technician level radio class is set to start April 25


The Business meeting was adjured at 7:36pm.


Respectfully submitted, Bryan Borland, KCØWIJ



Tonight’s program was on antenna modeling. Peter, N8MHD, talked about the biases of the modeling software. He also discussed the different versions of the N.E.C., Numerical Electromagnetics Code, software. He also demonstrated different antenna models that have been done by the software designer and some examples that people at the meeting wanted to see what they would look like.



Last update: January 28, 2008