RARC Meeting Minutes October 2010




September 2010 Minutes: Moved to accept: Approved

Treasurer's Report: Tuesday, Oct 12, 2010

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Transactions this period:



Dues: 2010


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Pepsi grant


KCFOW - '440 D-Star


Fire-Theft Insurance


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RARC Treasurer

Membership status:  100 club members 

Vice President Report:
-Program in Nov. Niel WØVLZ "2 Crappie Poles and some Wire"
Tech Committee:
-D-Star rptr being assembled by John NØHZN and Rob KCØFOW.
-All other rptrs are in working order
Public Service:
-Gamehaven Cross Country 11/13/10 at 9:00 am. 4-5 operators needed contact Steve WØSTV.
- No 10/15 Hospital Drill as ARES is not involved
-ARES badge photos being taken now through Dec 2010.
-No Oct. 23rd Drill. Please stay in touch for future drills.
DX Contesting:
-See club and ARRL websites for more information
-CW class running into problems with scheduling with changing times. Seeing if people are interested in Tuesdays.
-New committee Mel KCØP/r and Rodney KDØEBT co-chair.
-Short power point presentation on goals and objectives for the VHF+ Committee
-Promoting knowledge and awareness of VHF+ activities beyond repeater usage.
-11 in '11   Seeking operators to join  in for a club submission to the 2011 January VHF+ Sweepstakes. Sign up passed around. Contact Mel KCØP or Rodney KDØEBT for more information.
Old Business:
-Pat WØBM is still missing his Orange Ladder that was used for field day. Please let Pat know if you find it or know where it is.
New Business:
-Looking for officers for 2011 Club officers. Contact John NØHZN or Steve WØSTV if interested.
- Iowa QSO Party coming up. Listen for WØZQ/r
-Mike NØMGY has a 50' self supportive tower w/ 136-160 mhz vertical available to him. Need help taking it down and transporting.
Meeting Adjorned.
Presentation:D-star Rob KCØFOW
Respectively submitted: Rodney, KDØEBT  Recorded by Steve, WØSTV

Last update: October 20, 2010