RARC Meeting Minutes – September 2010





approval of minutes, passed.


Treasurer's report, membership

Rochester Amateur Radio Club


Treasurer's Report: Tuesday, Sept 14, 2010 (2 months)


Account Balances:










Transactions this period:



Dues: 2010




Field Day


Liability Insurance





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RARC Treasurer



Membership status:  96 club members 


VP's report, programs: Program tonight is DX spotting and Reverse Beacons



          tech :

          - The MFJ antenna analyzer we own is now working again on its own.

          - Tiny trackers are working in in public service events

          - .82 cabinet- still looking for shelves within budget of previously approved amount.

          - 440 is down permanently however we have been awarded with a Pepsi grant and

          we have a quote for a DSTAR Controler, 440 rptr, and support software. Future

         presentation will be given once all the details are figured out.

          public service

          - Events have been completed for the year. Last one was a new event, The 

        Harvest Classic


          - Bill, KØRGR DEC for District 1 announced new assignments, Bob ABØBW promoted

          to assistant DEC, B.J. KCØNPF EC for Dodge County, Rob KCØFOW is the new

          Olmstead Co. EC.

          - Minnesota ARES has a portable rptr for deployment.

          - District 1 ARES drill October 23rd.

          - October 15th Statewide FEMA hospital drill

          - Bob ABØBW working on linking the entire District 1 rptr

          Med Comm

          - John NØHZN met with new emergency operation leader for Mayo Clinic to define

           and clarify roles.

          Emergency Services (EOC)

          - EOC move in November next to the Red Cross building.

          - EM-50 is working on an ATV system, already rx capable, working on a go-pack

           for ATV.

          - Grant KCØJOO donated a dual band antenna to the EOC, Thanks.


          -  North American Sprint this weekend 9/18-9/19


          -CW class, every other Wed, 7pm SH 109.


Old business


New Business

          -Informal Net 147.255 rptr at 9:00 pm Monday Nights.

          -Route 66 One the Air event 9/11 - 9/18

          - Motion to donate the non-working 440 rptr to Dave KCØUCN as a thanks for all the volunteered work hours on technical aspects of the gear.  Motion passed

          - Motion to increase the amount budgeted for the .82 cabinet from $250 to $400 with the addition of a watt meter. Motion Passed

          - Motion to direct Pespi grant funds towards DSTAR rptr purchase and an additional $1800 to supplement the grant to cover the full cost of the rptr. Motion passed


                   Sprint next weekend.


Motion to adjourn: Passed 



Submitted by Rodney, KDØEBT

Last update: September 15, 2010