RARC December 13, 2011 at Olive Garden

Meeting Minutes

Approval of Nov. 2011 minutes: Approved

Treasurer's Report:

RARC Treasurer's Report: Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Account Balances:
Checking: $3,801.09
Savings: $5,690.80
Cash: $20.00
Total: $9,511.89

Transactions this period:
Interest: +$0.04
IBM Grant: +3,000.00
Olmsted United Way: +$74.53
CenturyLink: -$16.75

Respectfully submitted,


RARC Treasurer

Membership status:  102

New Club Officers Nominations submitted by Nominating Committee:
  • Scott Wright, KØMD - President
  • Byron "Pat" Cahill, WØBM - Vice President
  • Steve Wiebke, WØSTV - Secretary
  • Robert Andrews, KØRDA - Treasurer
All officers were unanimously elected.

Motion made and passed authorizing up to $2,500 for purchase of two (2) military tower kits.

Motion made and passed to purchase WØMXW QSL cards, approximately $60.

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted:
Bob KCØGND,  Acting Secretary