RARC Meeting Minutes – March 2011



Minutes for RARC meeting 3/8/2011 at 7:00 PM called to order by president BJ-KCØNPF


Minutes for February RARC where approved with a change that treasures report does not get approved when given.


Treasurer Bob- KCØGND: We currently have 102 club members with 63 paid at time of club meeting. Dues can be sent to PO Box #1, Rochester MN. 55903,or paid at any RARC meetings.


Rochester Amateur Radio Club

Treasurer's Report:  Tuesday, Mar 8, 2011

Account Balances:
Checking: $1,614.64
Savings: $5,690.43
Cash: $20.00
Total: $7,325.07

Transactions this period:
Interest: +$0.04
2011 Dues: +$125.00
2012 Dues: +$25.00
2013 Dues: +$25.00
Memorials: -$50.00
Qwest: -$16.78

Respectfully submitted,


RARC Treasurer

Membership status:  101 club members (63 paid thru  2011)

Vice-president Rodney- KCØEBT: The program for the meeting was Mel-KCØP presenting a follow up to the January VHF sweepstakes, plus a discussion of the June 2011 VHF sweepstakes.


DX contester Scott-KØMD will be presenting operating abroad when your home is a motel at the April club meeting.


Technical committee Rob-KCØFOW: Reports that the 440 D-star repeater location is being reviewed by the proposed site owners. The repeater is currently operational at his home. Repeater cabinets are being ordered All VHF repeaters are working OK.


Public services next events will be in May on the 14, 20, 21 and 29th. See RARC event calendar for more information. Sign up early if you can work these events.


ARES-EC Rob-KCØFOW: Handed out ARES applications for new and renewing members. ID’s will be handed out at the RARC meetings. Rob reviewed the information from the national weather service and the city EOC on flooding in our area. ARES may be asked to watch for obstructions at bridge supports if called to service. He gave the minimum, major, and record percentages for flooding in SE MN.


The Education committee is presenting a radio technician license, training class at the Red Cross, Rochester on April 16 and 23, with some general class information included. See requirements at www.rarchams.org to attend these classes. VE testing will be at the same location on May 12th.


The proposal of a club station at Game Haven Boy scout camp site discussed. Uses would include radio contesting, drills, and event station. They want radio activity during scouting activities. IE: radio merit badges, jamboree, etc. Could the RARC be able to provide the manpower to support these activities. Currently non RARC members are working with the scouts. Further discussion at RARC meetings needed.


There was a discussion on paragraph, 3 and 6 of the RARC memorandum of understanding with Schaffer Academy. It was tabled with request for more information and will be reviewed again at the April RARC meeting.


The Olmsted EOC is almost completed. The radios are operational. There will be an open house announced later. Sky-warn ID pictures will be taken at that time for trained spotters that need them. March 14th sky-warn training at the international event center at 6:30 PM. On April


Rochester KOA and Game Haven boy scout camp sites were reviewed for field day. The power point presentation showed they had opposing plus and minus features. The club majority voted to hold the 2011 event at Game Haven, and alternate with KOA for 2012. Equipment mobility, staging, and lay out will be discussed at RARC meetings.

Submitted by Steve, WØSTV

Last update: March 28, 2011