RARC Meeting Minutes – October 2011


RARC October 11, 2011 at RCTC

Meeting Minutes



Approval of Sept. 2011 minutes

Treasurer’s Report 
(to be approved as part of  these minutes) :

RARC Treasurer's Report: Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Account Balances:
Checking: $760.07
Savings: $5,690.72
Cash: $20.00
Total: $6470.92

Transactions this period:
Interest: +$0.08
Olmsted United Way: +$87.42
RPU (4th Qtr)
Fire-Theft Insurance:
CenturyLink: -$16.71

Respectfully submitted,


RARC Treasurer

Membership status:  92 club members 

Vice President's Report:  Rod will be moving away as of tonight. Scott Wright has 250 picture QSL cards to donate for a prize for coming up with a club QSL card. Peter, W0LLN will work with Scott on finding a winner design.

President's Report: Welcome visitors Richard Groby KD5NTL

Field Day Report:  KOA campsite Information about the KOA campground was presented by K0VH. Information will be forwarded to the club by e-mail and posted on the webpage. Not handicap accessible Non-ham activities will be present. Completely different set of challenges than our normal sites.

Tech committee:  '. 820 needs battery, large tower trailer needs repair. All equipment is operational. Must move equipment to Pat's by 15th of October from Gamehaven. Pat will be going out of town. Post driver – K0RPD

Tower Repair committee: Follow up on stv's note “As a member of the the portable tower repair committee that was formed two months ago, I am asking for input from the club on what we should do about the large portable trailer tower. The cost estimates for fixing the current problems and retrofitting it for safety will be around $1300.00. This would make the tower DOT qualified, and bring it up to standards for extending it to its full length. We have never done this due to safety concerns. The tower as it sets is not usable.(cracked welds) Please reply with comments pro and con on this club issue. It will be discussed at the club meeting on Tuesday. If you want to contact me in person call 254-3993 for more information. Thanks for the feed back I have recieved already. Thanks for your time, Steve W0STV."

 Grant K1KD:  5” diameter 50ft guyed tower, Ontario NY, $400 shipping 3 people could put up tower, it is mounted on a stake. AB577. $1200 Armstrong Rotatable. 300Lbs, would fit in a station wagon. 6” diameter tube mast also available. AB621 $1800 Tower on a trailer on 63 north we might be able to acquire Pat W0BM Dave K0RPD Bob AB0BW

Public Service: John N0HZN reviewed local events 10k crosscountry run at gamehaven coming up. Rob will have further information on out-of-area events

ARES:  SET was October 1st - reviewed. EOC MedComm

Old Business:

New Business: 

Respectfully Submitted,
Byron J. Watts , KCØNPF