The February RARC meeting was called to order at 6:33 PM by club president Scott Wright, K0MD with 26 people present.

The treasurers report was approved:

Savings: $5,590.89
Checking: $2,465.44
Cash: $20.00
Dues: +$620
Interest: +$0.04
Web hosting: -$160
CenturyLink: -$16.90
2012 Member Count:  51
Submitted: Robert Andrews, K0RDA

Grant K1KD reported on field day activities. The site will be at game-haven boy scout camp. He needs people to help him arrange and operate field day. The new masts are purchased, shipping is being arranged. The twin cities FM radio club has been challenged by RARC for top honors and a traveling trophy to see who will be top gun of field day 2012. The field day station call sign is undecided. Discussion of where the QRP station for field day will be addressed at the next meetings.

The technical committee will look at options for the dual axle crank up tower. It is currently unusable.

Bill K0RGR brought in two 10 meter radios to the club meeting. They will be rotated to club members that are interested in getting on the HF bands. There are rules to how and who gets to use them.  Peter KN0CKS, and Dan KD0QNM  where first to take them home to use.

The antenna building session was cancelled. K0RGR did help Peter and Dan build 10 meter antennas after  the meeting.

Meeting ended at 6:45

The program was Adventures of the Brave and Famous by Scott Wright. The program ended at 7:20 PM


Submitted by RARC secretary Steve W0STV