RARC minutes for July 10, 2012

July RARC meeting started at 6:26 in room #104 (moved) with 20 people present.

Treasurer reported.

Cash:      $20.00
Savings:     $5,691.09
Checking:   $2,937.50
Total:          $8,648.59
Dues: +645.00
Trailer Sale: +$100.00
Interest: +$0.04
Antenna Shipping: -$375.00
Power Supply: -$348.94
Phone: -$16.90
Electricity: -$14.17
Supplies: -$6.56

Dues: +$60.00
Amp Sale: +$650.00
Interest: +$0.04
Phone: -$16.88
Electricity: -$36.34
Dues: +$45.19
Interest: +$0.04
Phone: -$16.88
Electricity: -$36.34

Dues: +$145.90
Interest: +$0.04
Phone: -$16.88
Electricity: -$37.98
Field Day Trophy: -$43.61
Field Day Food: -$292.00
Insurance: -$320.00

Proposal to drop the phone patch on the 146.820 repeater by Sept 1st. This will be determined by the technical committee.  Future discussions on club member dues.

Field day expenses where itemized. (see treasurers report) and approved by club members.

Stan Cram- AI0M, has moved to Wisconsin for his new job. He will be missed. A presentation of field day was shown to the club. This will be put on the RARC web site soon.

Field day was debriefed. This has been the best scored event to date, and the trophy will  be presented to the club at a future meeting. Here are the point details. CW#1- 1366, CW#2- 302, SSB-1328, Digital-71, VHF-57, GOTA-168.  QRP had lower than past scores.

Field day successes: Early assembly. Scheduled station radio operators . Great news media coverage. Scout radio merit badge program. Wireless network worked well. Game haven is a great site. We will have to make changes for 2013 for station locations.

Field day improvements: More QSO's on CW#2. More options on the 40, 80, and VHF antennas. Move digital mode to GOTA station with a better antenna .  Promote ham classes at the GOTA station. Have a mock  GOTA station for pre-operation training. Make satelite  contacts for 2013. Have more chairs and tables on the site.  Have food prepared on site along with pot luck for both days.

Check out two ham web sites. Ham Nation, and Ham Radio Now.

Meeting ended at 7:42 PM

Submitted by RARC Secretary, Steve-W0STV