RARC minutes for May 8, 2012

Meeting called to order  at 6:02 PM, by President Scott Wright, with 32 members present.

Public service report by John Scott. Request  the need for radio operators for these events. New licensees can be teamed up with  other radio operators, or ask for easy assignments to get involved.

Field day report by Grant Kesselring. The sign up sheet was passed around for members to commit to help with different  functions for field day.  The call for field day will be W0BM. The military mast are in Grant's  garage, and a date for set up at his house will be announced. The Write-log program is purchased. Copies where available for people to take home and learn how to use them. A time may be set up for hands on training. This will be the logging program for field day. Kevin brought in a Wi-Fi  antenna that will be used to link the logging computers together for field day.  DX contest for 706C will be on the air for 10 days. See the web for more information.

Neil brought in his new Elecraft  QRP radio for show and tell. It was passed around for hands on reviewing.

New business: The radio amp at Schafer school was sold for 650 to 700 dollars. The moneys where deposited in the RARC account.

A roll call was done before the meeting ended at 7:04 PM

Pat Cahill did a review of information for the VHF contest for June 9th -11th 2012. Meeting ended at 7:49PM

Note: The RARC is now accepting payment via Pay Pal for a minor cost of the transaction.

Submitted by RARC secretary Steve W0STV