RARC meeting minutes for April 9th 2013

Meeting called to order by President Peter Wollen at 6:30 PM with 25 members present.

Treasurers report:  The club's accounting books  have been turned over to our new treasurer Jim KD0ORO for the duration of the year. Robert Andrews will be leaving the area.

The by-laws allows the current RARC officers to delegate any office vacancy in the club by their  majority vote. Thanks for taking over Jim.

Technical committee reports the check for the stolen APRS  equipment is in the mail. They will be checking for used replacement items to put back on the air.

Public service report:  Events are starting in May, and are on the RARC web site for information and to sign up.  Please take time to visit it. The Med City marathon will have the NCS stations  inside the EM-50 using several frequencies and NCS operators. Steve W0STV will bring another station set up, to supplement the ham gear currently in the EM-50. Peter W0LLEN, and Bob AB0BW will be working public service for the Zumbro 100 run this week.  John N0HZN requested a purchase of two more APRS trackers for the Med City marathon and sky-warn. The club approved $600.00 for their purchase. The club will own 4 units.

Field day review by Grant K1KD:  The game-haven site has been approved. There are some changes for 2013. The administration building is off limits that includes the bathrooms. The GOTA station can be set up in the area but for the safety of the kids no vehicle traffic is allowed in the area. A new building is under construction just SE of the administration parking lot.  This MAY  be used for our food preparation, weather shelter, and distribution area. We are doing  pot luck for side dishes and the club is supplying the main food items.  We need another station shelter or trailer at field day. Dave Thompson is checking on the use of the explorer trailer but not sure if it will be available.  We will be a 3A site with 3, IC7700 radios loaned to us from ICOM. The GOTA station needs their own equipment and may have a digital mode this year. A 40 meter beam is needed for field day. If you know of a used one for sale, or one we can temporarily  use contact Grant K1KD.  Items requested for field day to update club equipment where 100 feet of rotor cable, a receive antenna(s),  plus  the  port-a-potty, food, beverages, and gas. expenses.  The club approved $600.00 for initial expenses.

The meeting ended at 7:23PM.

Bill K0RGR started the program at 7:31PM on testing club members equipment and antenna operating specifications.

Submitted by Steve W0STV, RARC Secretary