6:32 Meeting called to order.

Minutes, including 2012 annual financial report, accepted.

Treasurer Report:

Interest 0.04
Dues 160.00
Electric -35.84
Repeater Supplies -22.93

Interest 0.04
Dues 160.00
UW Donation 27.11
Electric -35.94

Also got a $260 donation pledge from Bill Osler K0RGR via United Way.

The audit of 2012 transactions was completed by KC0FOW.

Tech Report: Digipeater stolen again. Police report filed. Serial number of the Digipeater is Kantronics TNC KPC3 11K185319. Astron Power Supply 2012110036. Radio Icom IC-229H 02383

New Business: K0RGR Bill posted about ISS contact. Have one possible with Kasson Mantorville Schools. Deadline in 3 weeks. Bill also had a license class with 3 students. 7 people took test at the last session.

Public Service: KC0FOW reported on Frozen Goose on Feb 2.  6 hams were there, no incidents. March is Beargrease race. April is Ultra Marathon - Zumbro Bottoms race.

Contesting: Jan VHF contest - turn in logs. Field Day info was posted on ARRL web site. GOTA rules are more relaxed. Time to start planning for this year. Grant is our Chair again this year.

Introductions were done. 24 people in the meeting. Meeting adjourned at
6:55 pm.

Presentation is Scott Neader, KA9FOX, talking about selling and buying Ham radio gear online.

Submitted by Robert K0RDA.