The January 2013 meeting was opened by  Peter Wollan, WØLLN,  at 6:38 PM with 22 members present.

Opening statement, referenced that we need more members.  We need more activities. A better system for new licensed people. Get them involved in public service, skywarn, and operating modes. We discussed setting up a web for on line meetings and information. To be reviewed at future club meetings.

Minutes for November and December meetings where approved.

There was no treasurers report at the meeting. The following was submitted via email: 

Tech report- KC0FOW:  Simpson APRS digi-peater has been replaced and working with the call sign  W0MXW-2.

Public Service-KC0GND:  All 2013 public service events are on the RARC web. The first is the Frozen Goose event on February 2nd.

Contesting - KC0P:  Reviewed times and rules of the January VHF contest. He handed out a schedule to contact him during the event. The logs will be on the web site.

Education-KC0RGR:  First tech class is on January 26th from 8 to 5 with lunch. The cost is $25.00 for the class. Each student needs to purchase their own book. The sign up is on the web site. VE testing dates are posted.

ARES-KC0FOW: The 2013 ARES ID's are ready. They will be mailed out if you are unable to pick your badge up. The new NCS schedule will be out soon. Contact Rob Richter if you want to change your status or to sign up.

We did a present members information call. The meeting ending at 6:55 PM.

Berry Altman  W6GFN started his program on disaster communications at 6:59 PM.

Submitted by Steve W0STV Secretary, 73