RARC meeting minutes, June 11, 2013

Meeting called to order by Peter Wollen at 6:38 PM with 26 people present.

Reviewed need the Secretary and Treasurer's reports.

Public service report from John N0HZN: Have been a busy spring with more to need ham operators. Please see the www.rarchams.org web site to sign up.

Tech  committee reported the new trackers worked fine. Need a check to pay John Scott back for the purchase. The new APRS station running at W0STV location. The antenna is bad at the original site. A new antenna will cost $150.00 plus  the cost of KTTC's tower climber.  The KTTV Simpson location now has security added to the building.

Introductions where made before the meeting closed at 7:00 PM

Field Day operations and scheduling will be the program for this evening.

Scott Wright  set up and operated one of the new Icom radios for field day after the meeting.

Submitted by W0STV RARC Secretary.