RARC minutes for October 8, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 6:37 PM by Pres Peter-W0LLN with 25 members present.

 A request was made to move the club meetings to 7:00 PM. It will be brought up for discussion for the 2014, calendar year.

A discussion to purchase a used 40 meter beam for field day was tabled. The cost of shipping is too expensive. Members are requested to look for any similar local purchase in the future.

 Club membership updates are needed for the 2014 RARC roster. Bob- KC0GND has been doing it. Jim- K0ORO and Peter- W0LLN will be doing it.

A request to the club from an FM station in Haiti, for help on a 100 to 300 watt amp was made. Dave Seavy’s name was given as a contact for information.

A reminder to VHF contesters to get their logs into the ARRL ASAP. Contact Mel for further information.

Peter-W0LLN requested the club get involved in the November sweep stakes. See ARRL for details.

 Steve-W0STV reported on Olmsted counties ARRL- S.E.T. event at the KOA Rochester. It was very successful on simplex, repeater frequencies, and HF regional contacts over two days.

Rob-KC0FOW informed us that the Rochester D-Star repeater is dropping out on the I-gate, Mayo and the tech committee is working on fixing this problem. He also said the clubs MFJ SWR/Power meter is broken and needs repairs. No further action taken at this time. It will be discussed next month.

Grant- K1KD will loan a 150 foot rotor cable for field day 2014. The club will need to purchase the connector ends ($10.00 ea), to fit the clubs equipment. It was approved. Steve-W0STV will look at repairing the other rotor cables that have open circuits in them.

The last public service event for 2013 will be on Nov 9th at Game Haven scout camp. See the RARC web site for information and to sign up.

The Schaefer Academy HF radio station status was tabled until more information could be heard from Scott-K0MD.

Bill-K0RGR has a technician classes starting Oct 26th for two weekends. See the RARC web site for information.

Jim-K0ORO gave the treasures report. It was approved.
Treasures Report


Beginning balance         736.85

   United Way                   62.06
  Pay Pal                           370.00 
Total Deposits                432.06

  Electric                            37.03
  Check # 2670                187.00 (Return of Icom Radio)
  Check # 2761                  60.54 (Field Day food Expense)
Total Debits                     284.57

Ending Balance                 884.34


Beginning balance           4,691.63

  Interest earned                      0.04
Ending balance                  4691.67

Cash on hand                        40.00

End of month                     5,616.01

The nominating committee will report on officer candidates for the 2014 RARC in November.

The December RARC meeting will be a Christmas party. The two choices are, the New Texas Road House Rochester, or Old Country Buffet. UPDATE: Texas Road House only does booth style seating; there are no room set ups. I have tentatively reserved the Old Country Buffet back room for December 10th starting at 6:00 PM. They are giving a $2.00 discount off the normal diner price. Tell them you are with the RARC. The final vote will be at the Nov 12 meeting.

Terry-W0VB gave a  presentation on Software Defined Radio.

Submitted by Steve W0STV, Secretary