RARC minutes for 09-1-2013

Meeting called to order by Peter Wollen, at 6:31PM, with 21 members present.

A personal request was made for club member, Redman W4EJJ, who is recovering from a bicycle accident. He is in the process of selling his home and asked the RARC to remove his radio station from the home and package it.  Bob, Peter, Dave and Steve, agreed to help take down the station on Sunday.

Mel Larson discussed the VHF contest.  He explained what frequencies, and modes, will be used, and how to determine your grid location. He will be operating for two days as a rover.  Mel will be on the FM simplex frequencies at the top of each hour.

Members present did introductions of their names/call signs.

John N0HZN reported on public service. There is a tentative,  NAMI event on September 24th, Bryan Watts will have  information at a later time if it is being supported with communications.  The Chester Woods CC run is on November 10th. The last public service event  for 2013. See www.rarchams.org for details.

The national S.E.T., event for Olmsted County will start Oct 5th at 10:00 AM and end at 10:00 AM on Oct 6th at the Rochester KOA camp ground in Marion for ARES members and hams interested in ARES to attend. More information will be sent out via e-mail when known. This is open to all amateur radio operators who want to learn, test their equipment, or just get together to socialize. Bring your go, packs, if you have them  as you would for a call out.  Hand out information will be available.  Talk in on the 147.255 PL 100 repeater.

Rob Richter reported the ARES black storage trailer was inventoried and organized.  Preliminary details for the new fire station #2, near century high school where revealed.

The APRS digipeater is back in operation.  There may be a packet station going up in the new location too.

The treasurers report was given and the minutes for May, June, and July  club meetings where approved.

Treasures Report

Beginning Balance 1146.47
  Credits 1174.00
  Debits 1583.42
Ending Balance 736.85

Beginning Balance 5691.59
  Interest earned 0.04
  Debits 1000.00
Ending Balance 4691.63

End of Month Balance 5468.48

Meeting ended

Byron Watts, KCØNPF, gave a presentation on using Linux for your other operating system.

Submitted by Steve W0STV, Secretary