RARC Meeting Minutes for April 8, 2014

Meeting was called to order by President, Peter W0LLN @ 18:30

Motion to approve March minutes was made. Motion was voted and passed.

Financial Report for March 2014

Beginning Balance 3/1/2014                     $1502.36
            Dues                                               $205.00
            PayPal (Dues)                                 $125.00  
            Donation                                          $85.00
            Total Credits                                  $ 415.00
           Rochester Public Utilities                    -$36.63
           Check #2765                                  -$169.99
Total Debits                                     -$206.62

Ending Balance 3/31/2014                        $1710.74

Beginning Balance 3/1/2014                       $4691.83
              Interest earned                                   $0.03
              Debits                                              -$0.00
Ending Balance 3/31/2014                          $4691.86

Cash on hand                                                 $40.00
End of the month                                     $6442.60

Public Service – Next event is March of Dimes Run on April 26th. There are only 9 signups at the moment. We are still looking for another 4 to make the event easier. Other events sign-up sheets and dates are also now listed on the website. It was also mention about the Med City Marathon and beginning to think about getting more help with that event. We need about 18-20 people for that event to run smooth and cover all areas that need to be covered. If people would like to come out to see what it is all about, we can pair you with another person.

ARES – SkyWarn training was on April 1st @ 6:30pm at the Event Center. Training is required every 2 years for participation in SkyWarn events. If you missed this training session and still need to be trained/renewed, visit the NWS homepage to see other area training times and locations. Topic this year was small tornados, F0 & F1 size. Homepage has more info and link to NWS page. There were about 14 active people at this month's meeting. There will also be a SkyWarn Net this Monday, April 14th @ 9pm as we are now in the startup of our active season. This net will cover preparedness and a reminder on procedures.

Technical Committee Report – There was no updates to report. Our Digipeater power supply has been cutting out for no apparent reason. Turn off and on and it works just fine. Has not had any issues this month.

Membership & Budget Discussion – Our annual budget is approx. $2,100 in outflow. Currently we have 57 paid members for this year. Another reminder that 2014 membership dues are now due. You can pay them in-person with cash or check, or via PayPal at www.rarchams.org/PayPal.htm. Peter will be sending out emails to former members and those who have yet to renew for this year.

Field Day – Grant, K1KD, is heading up the Field Day committee We will not be at Gamehaven Scout Camp this year due to getting bumped by a group renting the entire camp during that time. Pat's farm and the KOA campground have been brought up as a possibility and are being investigated. A budget was proposed of $510 for this year. There was also discussion for an ongoing fund that rolls over from year to year for new equipment.

Education – Lou, KD0RZU helped with scouts for their Radio Badge at Lourdes High School on March 15th. Bill (K0RGR), Matt (K0OMI), and Steve (W0STV) helped with demonstrations in the PM session. The AM session was conducted by the Winona ARC. Both sessions had 15 scouts each.

Testing – There will be testing session at the American Red Cross Bldg on May 8th @ 6:30pm. This is an open testing session and is listed on the ARRL Website.

Special Events – Neil, W0VLZ, applied for the call K0M in honor of Mayo's Sesquicentennial and has QSL card for the station. This will take place the weekend of August (9th & 10th) at the KOA campgrounds. Neil is working with Mayo Press Office and with local press for publicity. May keep call for the club picnic/meeting in August also. A website has been set up at http://radiok0m.wordpress.com with info and an image of the QSL card.

Introductions were done – We had 34 members in attendance.

Our presentation was by Mike Bromberg, KD0EBO, Assistant Deputy Director of Homeland Security for Olmsted County. Mike gave us a rundown of the new EOC and the updates and capabilities of it. Mike also gave examples of how flexible the new layout is and how different situations can work out. Afterward, we were able to see a few of thedifferent areas including the backup Dispatch Center, the Conference Room (where the meeting was held and where most Command OPS things would happen), and the Weather Room. Along with the presentation of the EOC, Mike also informed us that the 147.255 repeater was replaced last year and that this new one should last for 10-15 years. It will still carry the call W0EAS because of Dave Carr's work with the Sherriff Dept. and Olmsted County.

Minutes recorded and reported by Dan, N0KZO, Secretary.