RARC meeting for January 14, 2014

Meeting was called to order by President, Peter W0LLN.
Jim, KD0ORO, treasurer was not present.  Financial report was read in by President.
Financial Report for December 2013

12/1/2013      Beginning balance            439.27

            From Paypal                                   75.00         Dues
            Deposit                                        433.58          76.58 donations, 50.00 for        
                                                                                                class,  305.00 Dues
            Deposit                                          175.00          150.00 Dues, 25.00 donation
            Rochester Public Utilities           35.23
12/31/2013   Ending Balance               1087.62

     12/1/2013    Beginning balance          4691.73
                            Interest earned                   0.03

      12/31/2013   Ending Balance             4691.76 

Cash on hand                                               40.00
End of Month Balance                          5819.38       

Minutes from December meeting were posted on club website.  Only thing of note was the election of new officers.

Techicial Commitee Report - Nothing reported by Rob, KC0FOW (Did have presentation after meeting though with club equipment and infrastructure listing)

Public Service - John, N0HZN was absent.  Next public service event is Feb. 1st, Frozen Goose Run at RCTC.  Sign up in on the website.  Three were registered, needed several more.  Other events sign up sheets and dates are also now listed on the website.

Contesting - Mel, KC0P spoke about the January VHF contest on the 18th and 19th.  Reminded people about keeping logs and what information needed to be recorded and what the proper exchange was.  Mel also spoke on the different catagories of the contest and suggested going to the ARRL website (http://www.arrl.org) for a brush up on the contest rules and catagory definitions.  Feb 1st is the HF - MN QSO Party (First Sat of February).  This runs from 8am - 6pm local time.  Log information includes Freq/Time/Call/Name/County.  There are several other states with QSO Parties during the Jan/Feb months.
Introductions were done - We had 20 members in attendance with 2 visitors.  They were given Bill's, K0RGR, contact information since classes were upcomming.

Education - Bill, K0RGR, was not present but his upcomming Technician and General Classes were brought up and spoke about.  More information on either please email Bill @ k0rgr@arrl.net

Social Gatherings - Last Friday of the month informal dinner has been moved from the American Legion to Rooster's off of W. Circle Rd (CR-22) by Cinemagic Theather.  Meeting time is at 5:00 pm.  Every Saturday morning is breakfast at Grandma's Kitchen on N. Broadway in the Silver Lake Shopping Center next to Burger King @ 7am.  Also, each month before the RARC meeting we have a dinner at John Hardy's South on S. Broadway.  We gather around 5:30pm then head to the meeting afterward.

ARES Update - Red Cross DST Training Meeting in Rochester is on Jan. 25th from 1p-5p.  Recommended to be Red Cross registered volunteer, but it was mention that this may be being waived for this class to get people into it.

Meeting was adjourned at 19:00 by Peter, W0LLN.

After meeting was presented by Rob, KC0FOW, on "2014 Equipment & Infrastructure Update"
After presentation, it was discussed about getting a more complete inventory of what equipment acutally belongs to the club, and if we have things on loan, having picutures and updates sent to KC0FOW so we can get a complete inventory.

Minutes recorded and reported by Dan, N0KZO, Secretary.