RARC Meeting Minutes for July 8, 2014

Meeting was called to order by President, Peter W0LLN @ 18:33

Motion to approve June minutes and May’s corrected minutes (for typo) was made and approved.

Treasurer's Report – Jim, KD0ORO, was absent. Report was displayed for members to see. Field Day budget/expenses are yet to be determined.

Financial Report for June 2014

Beginning Balance 6/1/2014                     $1798.02
            Credit on Service Charge                   $3.00
            Dues (Paypal)                                  $25.00
            Total Credits                                    $28.00
           Analysis Fee from Bank                     -$3.00
           Rochester Public Utilities                  -$36.72
Total Debits                                     -$39.72

Ending Balance 6/30/2014                        $1786.30

Beginning Balance 5/1/2014                      $4691.92
             Interest earned                                   $0.04
             Debits                                              -$0.00
Ending Balance  5/31/2014                       $4691.96

Cash on hand                                                $40.00
End of the month                                     $6519.26

Technical Committee Report – Nothing to report.  No meeting this month

Public Service – Next 2 events for Public Service is the Healthy Human Race on August 23rd, and then the Tour de Cure on September 20th.  We are still looking for volunteers for these events.

Education – Bill, K0RGR, has a Tech class on Saturday, July 26th and continuing on Aug 2nd.  There also is a General class in the evening on July 29th & 31st, then continuing August 5th & 7th.  He is also in process of getting more books for “loan” to people wishing to study for the tests.

Testing – The next testing session is August 7th.

ARES – Doomsday Expo was cancelled due to lack of interest.  Tri-county ARES meeting will be on July 30th at the Red Cross Building in Rochester @ 7pm for the Dodge, Olmsted & Filmore county ARES teams.

Membership – Another reminder that 2014 membership dues are now due.  You can pay them in-person with cash/check or via PayPal at www.rarchams.org/PayPal.htm.

Field Day Wrap-Up – Logs are in process.  Attendance was down from previous years.  CW was short operators and such was down contacts from last year.  GOTA did VERY well.  QRP was having Mother Nature issues this year.

K0M Update – Niel, W0VLZ, has the K0M special station call from Aug 7th – Aug 12th.  We will be operating the call from the KOA campground (Thank you Roger (W0KOA) and Barb (KB0KOA)) on Saturday (With a Friday setup at 12pm and teardown Sunday morning).  We will be using the newly acquired club equipment with a 40m dipole with ladderline.  Since this is a special event station, there are no special rules or specific exchanges.  QST, ARRL, QRZ and eHam will all have mention of the special call.  There is also a special K0M website (link on the club homepage).  QSL cards will go out in Oct after final tally for printing.  There are several timeslots for people who would like to use the call.  There is a link on the club homepage for signing up.

August Meeting/Picnic – The traditional August meeting will be held at the KOA campgrounds and we have a budget of $150 set aside for things.  The club is buying:  meat, buns, condiments and utensils.  AB0BW is planning a foxhunt and there is an onsite playground and pool for the kiddies.  This is open to all hams.  Peter is also working on operating K0M during that time.

Introductions were done - We had 20 members in attendance.

Our presentation was by Steve, W0STV, about mobile installs.  The do’s, don’ts and what to look out for when doing it yourself along with best practices.

Minutes recorded and reported by Dan, N0KZO, Secretary.