RARC Meeting Minutes for May 13, 2014

Meeting was called to order by President, Peter W0LLN @ 18:35

Due to issues, April Minutes were not posted on club website.  Dan, N0KZO, did post them to the Facebook pages.  They will be handled at the next meeting along with May minutes.

Treasurer's Report – Jim, KD0ORO read in the report.

Financial Report for April 2014

Beginning Balance 4/1/2014                     $1710.74
            Dues                                              $160.00
            Total Credits                                  $160.00
           Rochester Public Utilities                  -$36.41
Total Debits                                     -$36.41

Ending Balance 4/30/2014                        $1834.33

Beginning Balance 4/1/2014                      $4691.86
             Interest earned                                   $0.03
             Debits                                              -$0.00
Ending Balance  4/30/2014                       $4691.89

Cash on hand                                                $40.00
End of the month                                     $6566.22

Technical Committee Report – There was no updates to report.  There was no meeting this month.

Public Service – Next event is the Stay out of the Sun Run on May 16th.  We have 9 signed up.   Med City Marathon is fast approaching.  We currently have 14 signed up.  We need about 18-20 people for that event to run smooth and cover all areas that need to be covered.  Requests for help have been sent to Austin and Waseca clubs.  If people would like to come out to see what it is all about, we can pair you with another person.  Other events sign-up sheets and dates are also now listed on the website.

Education –Bill, K0RGR, had 7 in his class this past couple weeks.  His next class will be at the end of July.

Testing – There was a testing session on the 8th. We had 6 people test. Final results were 2 Extra, 2 General, and 1 Tech.

ARES – No report this month.

Equipment – The old small trailer with the antenna tower that would not go completely vertical that was given to Peter Cross (W0SA) has been fixed up by him and he has approached the club for a possible donation back to the club.  He would like to retain the ability to use it personally if they do not interfere with club activities.  Further discussion will need to be made after someone has been out to visually inspect the trailer.

Contesting – Dan read an email sent by Greg, K0GW and Bill, AC0W, about the ARRL Centennial W1AW/0.  This is coming up again for Minnesota from June 11-17.  There are still slots available to participate and people are encouraged to.  Scott (K0MD), Fred (K4IU), and Grant (K1KD) have offered assistance for those w/o experience and/or proper equipment.  You can contact them directly or you can go on your own and contact Bill (AC0W) at mnw1aw@charter.net to request/reserve a slot.  Slots can be found at http://sdrv.ms/1dSbef5.  Anyone wanting to do VHF or UHF, you can contact W0ZQ@aol.com as he is handling that area.

Membership – Another reminder that 2014 membership dues are now due.  You can pay them in-person with cash/check or via PayPal at www.rarchams.org/PayPal.htm.

Patch Designs – Elise, W0CAY, brought with her the designs she created for the club.  It was narrowed down to a specific style, but after group discussion, she will make some changes and present more options for review.  Pricing is also being checked on for better ideas.

Field Day – Grant, K1KD, is head of the Field Day committee. We will be having it at Pat Cahill’s (W0BM) farm south of Kasson.  We will be operating as 3A + VHF + QRP + GOTA.  A sign-up sheet was passed around for operators, setup/teardown, and for food.  Lunch on Sat will be provided by Dan, N0KZO and Papa John’s Pizza along with 24 bottles of water for each station.  Sat dinner will be a Pot Luck, and Sun breakfast is still up in the air.  Anyone not at the meeting that wants to sign up, please contact Grant to get onto the list.

Introductions were done - We had 40 members in attendance.

Our presentation was by Fred Regennitter, K4IU, about contesting.

Minutes recorded and reported by Dan, N0KZO, Secretary.