RARC Meeting Minutes for November 12, 2014

Meeting was called to order by President, Peter WØLLN @ 18:33

Motion to approve September's minutes was made and approved.

Treasurer's Report – Jim, KDØORO, read in the financial report.

Financial Report for October 2014

Beginning Balance 10/1/2014                    $2190.48
            PayPal (Dues)                                  $25.00
            Total Credits                                   $25.00
           Rochester Public Utilities                 -$37.39
Total Debits                                    -$37.39

Ending Balance 10/31/2014                       $2178.09

Beginning Balance 10/1/2014                    $4692.06
             Interest earned                                   $0.03
             Debits                                              -$0.00
Ending Balance  10/31/2014                     $4692.09

Cash on hand                                                $41.10
End of the month                                     $6911.28

Technical Committee Report – No meeting this month. Times on repeaters have been reset.

Public Service – Gamehaven Cross-Country Run on November 8th. Steve, WØSTV, headed up that event with 5 volunteers and went well. Next event will be the beginning of the 2015 season with the Frozen Goose Run in February.

ARES –There was discussion about OPSCOMM and also a reminder to have simplex frequencies in radios for back-up to the repeaters for the Sunday Night nets.

Education – Bill had is last class just before the testing sesssion. Awaiting licensing to see who from the class passed.

Testing –November 6th was our most recent session at the American Red Cross. We had 4 testers, with one getting Technician and one getting both Tech and General.

Contesting – Sweeps this weekend (14th-16th) is SSB mode. Sunday Bill, KØRGR, will open classroom to people who want to participate. A reminder email will be sent through the Yahoo! Groups distribution group.

KØM - Waiting to see how many more people want QSL cards to get a final count on number sent.

Elections - The following are the nominations for next years officers from the committee. President -Dan NØKZO, Vice President - John NZØS, Treasurer - Robert KØRDA, Secretary - Drew KCØCJP

Christmas Party - Victoria's on December 9th @ 6:30pm was the decision of the majority who responded to the poll. Menu's and information have been posted on the website. We do need 20 people to confirm and to chose from one of the 4 menus available. John, NZØS, is spearheading this.

Field Day 2015 - Peter, WØLLN, is heading the committee this year. Discussions and planning have been tabled until the January meeting.

Adopt-A-Highway - Steve. WØSTV, is looking into getting more info from MNDoT.

SkyWarn - SkyWarn Appreciation @ LaCrosse Weather Service Office is on December 6th. Steve, WØSTV, is trying to get a group to carpool together for the event.

Monthly Social - Several different options have been discussed for moving the event from Roosters. November and December have been moved up one week due to holidays.

Peter, WØLLN, reminded everone that dues for 2015 are now due and that payments can be made in person, by mail or on Paypal.

Introductions were done - We had 20 members in attendance.

We had dual presentations this month. The first was by N4EJ about Remote Control Radio with demonstrations. The second was from KCØUCN about proper grounding.

Minutes recorded and reported by Dan, NØKZO, Secretary.