RARC Meeting Minutes for October 14, 2014

Meeting was called to order by President, Peter WØLLN @ 18:31

Motion to approve September's minutes was made and approved.

Treasurer's Report – Jim, KDØORO, read in the financial report.

Financial Report for September 2014

Beginning Balance 9/1/2014                     $1785.50
            Ins Claim Payment                          $100.00
            United Way                                    $123.27
            Dues                                              $220.00
            Total Credits                                  $443.27
           Rochester Public Utilities                  -$38.29
Total Debits                                     -$38.29

Ending Balance 9/30/2014                        $2190.48

Beginning Balance 9/1/2014                      $4692.02
             Interest earned                                   $0.04
             Debits                                              -$0.00
Ending Balance  9/30/2014                       $4692.06

Cash on hand                                                $41.00
End of the month                                     $6923.54

Peter, WØLLN, reminded everone that dues for 2015 are now due and that payments can be made in person, by mail or on Paypal.

Our insurance company has cancelled our insurance due to too many claims. John, NØHZN, is appealing the decision and waiting to hear back. Our group liability thru the ARRL is still intact. Discussion followed and decided may be best to self-insure. Quotes were being looked into this month. Decision deferred until next month.

Technical Committee Report – No meeting this month. IBM upped the grant from $1500 to $2000. Due to the way the proposal was written, anything Amateur Radio related would be covered.

Public Service – One event remains for this year. Gamehaven Cross-Country Run on November 8th. Steve, WØSTV, is running that event. In need of 6 people for the event for optimal coverage. We had 175 riders in the Tour de Cure last month. Next event will be the beginning of the 2015 season with the Frozen Goose Run in February.

Education – Bill, KØRGR, will have his next Technician class starting the last Saturday in October. You can sign up on the club website.

Testing –The next testing session will be on November 6th @ 6:30 at the American Red Cross.

ARES –The S.E.T. (Simulated Emergancy Test) was October 4th. It was a 2 part setup with State and Local participation. HF communication system at KOA in ARES trailer. We used NVIS to pass messages from KØRGR to Hennipin County. Showed off D-STAR and gave a few demonstrations during the event.

Contesting – Jamboree on the Air is this weekend. 10 meter has been open on and off. Use it while you can. 10 meter net still happens on 28.325. See the nets page for more details and times

Elections - It is that time of year again for nomination of officers and the nominating commitee. John, NØHZN, is heading up the commitee. Anyone interested in the commitee or in becoming an officer, contact John.

Christmas Party - Old Country Buffett was the location for last years dinner. Eagles club or Pizza Ranch in Stewertville were mentioned as possible locations for this year. Other mentions were Victoria's, Green Mill, and Binkies North. Will decide next month.

Field Day 2015 - Gamehaven is asking if we want to be there next year. Logistics would be a problem as in years past for that location. Item is tabled in absence of Grant K1KD, and Pat WØBM.

Other Business - Steve, WØSTV, mentioned about a possible Adopt-A-Highway for added publicity. Would be Highway 52 around the 75th St Nw overpass. He will check into details and advise later.

Introductions were done - We had 23 members in attendance.

Our presentation was by Rob, KCØFOW, on D-STAR.

Minutes recorded and reported by Dan, NØKZO, Secretary.