RARC Meeting Minutes for February 10th, 2015

  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan at 6:38pm
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Motion to approve minutes was passed
  • Treasurer's Report read by Robert 
    • See below for details

Financial Report for January 2015


   Opening Balance                                    $3768.01
        Dues and training                                $386.20
        Dues                                                  $100.73
        Dues and donations                            $135.00
        Dues and donations                              $93.71
        Dues                                                    $25.00
        Donation                                            $500.00

     Total Credits                                        $1240.64
            Picnic                                            $181.12
            IBM Grant Purchases                       $44.94
            RPU                                                $37.24
            RPU                                                $38.59
            Internet Hosting                              $126.65
            Checks                                             $51.45

   Total Debits                                            $479.99
  Closing Balance                                   $4528.66
     Opening Balance                                 $4692.12
                        Interest earned                       $0.11
            Debits   (None)                                  $0.00
   Closing Balance                                   $4692.23
  Cash on hand                                       $40.00

   Total                                                     $9260.89
  • Reports:
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • Tower relocation for 82 repeater
        • KTTC would be willing to host it
        • Expense to remove antenna and feedline from old tower/expense to put new antenna and feedline on new tower
        • No urgency to this, but currently all sites are gov't owned which can have access problems
        • Monthly updates on progress of the repeater move
      • Complaints of audio issues on 625 repeater at recent public service event
        • John will work on this audio issue on the 625 repeater soon
      • Echolink up and running on 625
      • IGate is back up and running as well after recent power supply issues
      • Yaesu Fusion repeater - special promotion
        • 2 modes - similar to DStar
        • Hybrid mode allows both analog and digital to use repeater
        • No advantage compared to DStar on 625
        • Could be an option for a 2nd digital repeater/solution to replace an existing repeater - but not much interest in this from the club
    • Public Service:
      • 1st event last Saturday - Frozen Goose
        • About 175 runners
      • Next event March of Dimes on April 5
      • Med City Marathon May 24th
      • Chester Woods event June 6th
    • ARES:
      • Skywarn event coming up on April 5th
      • New ARES form is needed if it has not been filled out yet this year
      • Motion was started to donate an antenna the club had received to County EOC
        • Motion was approved
    • Contesting:
      • If you participated in VHF contest and need assistance with your logs please contact Mel at MelvynKC0P@aol.com
      • K1N DX contest continues until February 15th
      • March 7th through 8th is ARRL DX contest - lots of potential for DX contacts here
    • Education:
      • Tech class and testing session recently
        • 2 Technicians and 1 General class license result from testing session
      • Next class coming up soon
      • Current General class question pool is good until July 1st, then it will change
    • Social Gatherings:
      • February 26th this month at Wildwood Grill
  • Old business:
    • Certificate of honorary membership for Paul Perrone due to his donation to our club
      • Mockup of certificate was passed around for comment
    • Club banners - do we have any?
        • 2x6 vinyl banner for $25
        • Mockup using new logo was passed around
        • Could be ordered and here by next meeting/Skywarn meeting if approved
        • Discussion of increasing the font size/labeling of the RARC
        • 3x5 flag for Skywarn/larger banner for indoor events
    • Adopt a highway - still on waiting list
    • RPU charges for power
      • Stuck with current charges
      • They do have a rebate if we do go solar
      • Do not have to remain on the grid to get a rebate
    • Patch and logos - still working on this
      • Review next month
    • IRLP node - still working on this
    • Field Day 2015
      • Please contact Peter if you are interested in working on Field Day 2015 planning
      • Discussion of location - possibilities include:
        • Pat's Farm - 2014 location
        • Gamehaven
        • North Menard's
      • Spirit of event - contesting vs. emergency operations vs. public relations
        • PSAs with local media companies (radio stations, etc.)
    • Discussion of public relations officer for club
      • Responsibilities would potentially include:
        • Press releases
        • Social media management
        • Any other public relation items
    • Club meeting place is still under work
      • RCTC contact was attempted but with no success
      • Red Cross is being contacted as well
      • Other location possibilities include Public Library/C4 downtown
      • Work continues on this - will discuss further at next club meeting
  • New business:
    • AES mini Hamfest in Milwaukee is on March 21st - 9a to 3p
      • Interested parties should contact Steve about group driving
      • Radio City has tax free sale this month as well
    • Budget discussion
      • Field Day 2014 was effectively free due to lack of receipts for a couple of items
      • Formal timelimit on getting reimbursed for expenses for the club
        • Between 60 and 90 days proposed - 90 maximum
        • Motion for 90 day cap proposed and passed
      • 2 accounts - operations and repeater fund
      • $9000 in the club accounts includes a $2000 grant from IBM and a $2000 yearly expenses charge
      • Still have equipment insurance as well
    • If anyone has an oscilloscope please let John, Vice President know
    • Schaefer Academy discussion - tabled for future meeting
  • Introductions performed
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:31pm by President, Dan 
  • Program for this month was by Peter Wollan W0LLN- discussed beam antennas made with fishing pole and wire
Minutes recorded and reported by Drew, KC0CJP, Secretary.