RARC Meeting Minutes for January 13th, 2015

  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan N0KZO at 6:33pm
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Motion to approve minutes was passed
  • Treasurer's Report read by Robert 
    • See below for details

Financial Report for December 2014


   Beginning Balance 12/01/2014              4140.73
        Deposit  (checks)                               285.70 Dues, equipment sale, donation, United Way
        Deposit  (PayPal)                                 39.00 Dues
        Deposit  (Square Inc)                           24.99 Dues
     Total Credits                                         349.69
            Rochester Public Utilities                  36.41
            Mercer Consumer                          320.00  Liability Insurance    
            Mercer Consumer                          286.00  Equipment Insurance
            US Postal Service                            80.00  Post Office Box Rental                       
   Total Debits                                            722.41
  Ending Balance 12/21/2014                 3768.01
     Beginning Balance 12/01/2014            4692.09
                        Interest earned                       0.03
            Debits   (None)                                  0.00
   Ending Balance 12/31/2014                4692.12
  Cash on hand                                        66.10

  • Reports:
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • Did not meet this month
      • For the time being all committee heads will remain the same
      • However, if any committee heads would like to change this would be a good sign to do so
      • Rob head of technical committee
    • Public Service
      • John Scott head of public service committee
    • Education:
      • Bill Ostler head of education committee
      • Technician class end of this month, still looking for more people for this
      • Testing session 1st Thursday of February - coming right up
      • Fee for testing has not changed
    • Field Day:
      • Peter is now Field Day committee head
    • Vacancy for public relations/outreach officer
  • Old business
    • Adopt a highway
      • RARC is currently on waiting list, usually signs are not up until spring
      • Club put in for a few different locations around Rochester
    • RPU - possible donation of free power bill?
      • $35 per month, equivalent of 16 memberships 
      • Around 20% of budget
      • At minimum see if meter charge can be removed, ideally whole bill as well
      • Possible alternative is ~100 watt solar panel and batteries to power the repeater instead
        • Technical committee can examine this idea for practicality
        • Steve will talk to another resource about this as well
    • 82 repeater discussion - concerns about age and condition of tower
      • Look for new site this year?
      • Possible new site would be inside KTTC radar dome
      • Tower cannot be rebuilt at current location
      • Turn 82 into mobile repeater?
      • 625 repeater has excellent range given current location
      • New fire station repeater?
        • Not likely into next year
      • Move 82 over to Dodge county to increase coverage?
      • Armor tower system?
      • Action in 2016 to move repeater?
        • Action keeps getting pushed back, time to act may be this year
    • Patch and logo information
      • Looking at patches and jackets with new RARC logo from Images in Kasson
      • 50 piece order minimum
      • Jacket is $43.99 for lapel patch or $88 for back stitched panel and lapel patch
      • Hooded jackets
      • No order minimum, buy whatever you want
      • Water repellent
      • Same color polo shirts - $24.30 left chest embroidery
      • Window clinger/static sticker - $7.90 4 inch
      • Preliminary information, more details
      • A to Z Embroidery may be an option as well
      • Steve will give another report at next meeting
  • New business 
    • Contesting: Mel presented info on January VHF contest - 50Mhz and higher
      • January 24th 1pm until January 25th at 10pm
      • Frequencies are 146.55 and 446.00 simplex
      • Exchange is call sign and grid square you are in at the time
      • Grid squares based on 16th St. S
        • North of 16th St S. is EN34, South is EN33
        • EN34 good location is Assisi Heights, EN33 good location is Good Shepard church
        • EN34 changes to EN44 4 miles east of St. Charles
        • Grid is 70 miles N/S and 90 miles E/W
      • 2 people in different grid squares can make up to 4 contacts
      • Mel will be operating in St. Charles where 4 grid squares meet
      • Log sheet was in the newsletter
      • Each operator can submit two logs - can do one operation from your home and one mobile
        • Cannot work same people on both logs
      • Need people watching the bands at the top of the hour and 30 minutes after
      • Do not use 52 or repeaters
      • Different categories - home station, low power, 3 band radios, FM only, etc.
      • Logging programs - RoverLog or submit paper log
      • See Mel for more details on this event
      • Minnesota QSO party Saturday, February 7th - MN Wireless Association
        • Primarily HF - 10 through 80 meters
    • ARES: March 31st Skywarn event, otherwise April 13th alternative date
      • Not making new badges for ARES due to lack of organizational recognition
      • New sheriff - used to be involved in Skywarn/HSCM
      • No big changes with staff and RARC involvement - SOPs will stay the same
      • Fire station #2 - on Silver Lake - will be moving across from Century High School
        • Moving in Early April
        • Basement of new station is new City of Rochester EOC
        • Radio room for ARES
        • Room for 5 antennas on roof - everything setup for wireless and wired distribution
        • Steve and Rob have reviewed construction site and building layout
        • Tour of facility scheduled for October 2015
    • Public Service:
      • Frozen Goose event 
      • May 24th Med City Marathon
      • September 19th Diabetes Tour de Cure
      • Most other events do not have dates
      • Signup sheets available for all events with dates
      • This year, ARES will track public service as training
    • IRLP node is currently down due to hard drive failure, Bob will notify when replaced
      • New hard drive will be purchased/found
    • APRS Igate is down due to power supply fan issues
      • New power supply will be purchased for this
    • Social evening at Wildwood on January 29th
    • Formal agreement with RCTC has ended
      • $25 a month possible fee in the future per meeting - minimum
      • Look into the Red Cross as a possible alternative site for meetings?
      • $250 a year based on the $25 a month fee
      • Possible alternatives to look into:
        • Library
        • C4 downtown
  • Glenn Johnson part of expedition in an island west of Haiti, DX contest
    • K1N website has additional information
  • Introductions were performed
  • Meeting adjourned by President, Dan N0KZO at 7:40pm
  • Program for this month was looking at desired programs for the rest of the year
    • October 2015 is already scheduled for new fire station demo
Minutes recorded and reported by Drew, KC0CJP, Secretary.