RARC Meeting Minutes for July 14th, 2015

  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan at 6:37pm
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Read by Robert, attached below
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Approved with no changes
Opening Balance $4,547.28

Dues $100.00

RPU $41.56
Field Day Food $50.97
Gift Card $54.50

Closing Balance $4,500.22

Opening Balance $4,692.35

Interest $0.03


Closing Balance $4,692.38

Cash on hand $40.00

Total $9,232.60

  • Old business:
    • Public Service:
      • August 8th is the Harvest Classic
      • August 22nd is the Healthy Human race - not a lot of people so may be canceled
      • September 19th is the Tour de Cure
      • September 20th is the Med City Fall Event
      • November 10th is Game Haven Cross Country run
    • ARES/Skywarn:
      • Joint exercise between ARES and National Guard on August 4th
        • Purpose is to make as many contacts between counties and National Guard HQ as possible
        • HF exercise due to distance from Twin Cities
      • Additional exercise in September called Bounce Day on September 26th
        • Aimed at medical students, gives them field conditions/field experience in event of disaster
        • Out at Game Haven 
        • Scenario with actors - Zombies
        • Last year they had communications issues, would like RARC assistance with communications at 3 different stations as well as a public demo
        • Status reports from Mayo facilities in other states as well
        • Need HF stations for this exercise to communicate with Florida and Arizona
      • No Skywarn activity lately
    • Field Day wrapup:
      • See additional detail below under new business
      • Final score is 7,070 points
      • 1092 QSOs
      • Last year was 10,620 points with 1,602 QSOs
      • 100 contacts on GOTA this year and 240 total points
      • 1400 bonus points
      • Logging issues were a concern, next year look into logging with better error correcting
      • Go to M1MM log software versus existing log software - proposal?
      • Additional information is needed:
        • Picture of items from the information table for proof
        • Minnesota Cup info is needed as well
    • Education:
      • Class upcoming with several people in it
    • Tower improvements
      • Still working on this, awaiting further contact from antenna climbers
  • New business:
    • Proposal to nominate someone as leader of Field Day right now rather than in February before Field Day
      • Allows more planning for new locations
      • Also allows potential to get catering covered more easily
      • Logging programs could also be examined ahead of time
      • Mentoring would be available for chosen person from previous field day leaders
      • Motion was approved and passed to nominate the 2016 Field Day chair
      • Nominations were accepted
        • Kelly KE0EMJ will be chairmen of the Field Day committee
        • Peter will co-chair the Field Day committee
      • Suggestions from Pat:
        • Good shelter is important
        • Places to put antennas are also important
        • Everyone in the club needs to assist with making sure these ideas can work
        • Steve Webke will assist with location finding as well through Rochester Public Schools and other Rochester location
      • Concerns about the club issues in the past with KOA and not making contact about Field Day and other concerns
        • Picnic at this location
      • Other location ideas besides KOA:
        • Fair grounds
        • At the new fire station
      • Field Day committee status report at the beginning of the meeting the same as the other committee status reports
      • Equipment needs to be tracked and make sure we have complete stations for Field Day
        • Lack of laptops was an issue - designated laptops would be nice rather than using individual's ones temporarily
        • Grant for equipment for this?
      • Schaeffer Academy rig has been returned, but needs some work done
        • Radio was originally purchased through a grant with IBM
    • Rob inventoried equipment out at Pat's 
      • Steve will be taking possession of the RF concepts amplifier assuming it makes it until the next meeting in lieu of payback from some Radio City charges
      • Motion passed for the above
    • Dave Sevie? (spelling) needs assistance with moving his antenna
      • Steve will supply the ladder
      • Antenna moving will be this Friday the 17th around 6pm
      • See Steve if you are interested in assisting
    • Website will be updated to use WordPress
      • Club officers can upload content more easily
      • More dynamic and modern website 
      • Club members will approve final design before replacement
      • No timeline or due date for replacement at the moment
  • Introductions were performed
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:32pm
  • Program for this month was Fox Hunting information led by Steve Webke
Minutes recorded and reported by Drew, KC0CJP, Secretary.