RARC Meeting Minutes for March 10th, 2015

  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan N0KZO at 6:33pm
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Read by Treasurer, Robert - see below for details
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Corrections from last month's minutes (Public Service events):
      • March of Dimes event listed as on April 5th is actually on April 25th
      • Skywarn training listed on April 5th is actually on March 31st
    • Minutes were approved with the above corrections
Opening Balance $4,528.66

United Way $50.98
Dues $170.00

Banner $25.18
IBM Grant purchase $268.50
Stamps $5.88
RPU $39.99
Frame for certificate $7.49

Closing Balance $4,399.60

Opening Balance $4,692.23

Interest $0.03


Closing Balance $4,692.26

Cash on hand $65.00

Total $9,156.88
  • Reports:
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • Did not meet this month
      • KTTC will be explored further as a potential repeater site
      • Reseating cables on repeater appeared to help as well
    • Public Service:
      • Next event was semi cancelled - March of Dimes is at Mall Of America
      • Next event is Stay out of the Sun Run on May 15th at Lourdes High School
      • Med City Marathon May 24th
      • Tour de Cure September 19th
      • Rochesterfest Parade Route has drastically changed - out by Soldier's Field
    • ARES:
      • Skywarn training will be good opportunity to fill out an ARES application if you have not already done so
      • March 31st Skywarn training - meet at Ground Round at 5pm for dinner than Rochester Event Center for event
      • RARC will have a table both before and after the training
      • Steve will do some recruiting at this event as well
      • Table and banners will be ready, handouts will be updated beforehand too
      • Check websites for additional training and webinar info
      • RMS Express messaging service being investigated as well for sending messages
    • Contesting:
      • Next VHF contest is June - 2 weeks before Field Day
      • For HF WPX at the end of the month - SSB Phone contest
      • Last weekend was ARRL DX
    • Education:
      • Class upcoming the end of April
      • Active recruiting is important
      • Skywarn training will probably result in some class attendance as well
      • Attendance at classes overall has dropped drastically over the last 6 months
      • Possibility for listing RARC classes in Community Education quarterly circulations as well as KTTC and KAAL TV stations
        • Still looking for public relations officer related to the above as well
        • Amy Ranson is now the new public relations officer after the motion passed
    • Field Day:
      • Menards parking lot is not available as a location
      • Committee assignments will begin this week for assigned people
      • Should decide where we will be and how many stations we will do
      • Out at Pat's and 3A classification as we have done in the past?
      • CW operators - make sure we have enough for a half-dozen of these? Last year we were a bit thin on CW operators
      • Add Pat to club roster as honorary member
      • Two $50 gift cards for past field day hosts - 1 to KOAs and 1 to Pat
      • Money for Field Day - operating budget $500?
        • Motion passed for this
      • Money for Field Day part 2 - equipment budget $300 from last year, $300 accumulative this year?
        • Discussion of the need for this given the amount of equipment already available within the club
        • Discussion of cost-effectiveness of buying new equipment and then only using it for Field Day once a year
        • Idea for a quartermaster/inventory officer to keep track of all club equipment/Field Day equipment included
          • Get 2 separate lists - one for club general club equipment (Tech Committee will take care of this) and one for Field Day equipment (Field Day Committee will take care of this)
      • After the above 2 equipment lists are compiled next month the club will review additional equipment proposals
      • Method for tracking club equipment inventory in general is needed - check in and check out procedures
  • Old business:
    • Banners
      • New banner was shown at the club meeting - looks great!
      • Used for public service events and Skywarn training on March 31st
    • Certificate for Paul
      • Will go out in the mail tomorrow
    • Patches
      • A to Z printing will get back to a couple of club members with prices
    • Budgets
      • Club has never had a formal budget
      • Power bill/insurance/Field Day are all about the same amount of money ($500)
      • Right now we can either increase the dues, increase the members, or decrease costs
      • People can make a donation at any time
    • IRLP node is back up and running
  • New business:
    • Discussion of United Way donations
      • How they can include RARC in the employer charitable giving
      • See Robert with additional questions
    • Additional ideas for outreach/club activities to increase exposure of the club
      • If you have ideas please contact Dan
    • Winona ARC - asking if there were any problems using the 82 and 625 repeaters for their Boy Scout Radio Merit Badges on Saturday, March 21st from 11 to 1130a and 4 to 430p
      • These will be conducted at Gamehaven
      • HF and possibly VHF frequencies will be used for this
      • Possibility of getting RARC members to assist with contacts on both repeaters/simplex
      • More information on this event will be sent to the Yahoo Groups reflector from Dan
    • EchoLink commands
      • Turn off #00
      • Turn on #11
      • For club use - EchoLink has been working great lately
      • EchoLink commands - lots of options here
    • Free antenna available - talk to Jon
    • Ron also has equipment listed in the newsletter as well - contact him if interested
    • Radio Shack is not closing at this time, new manager who is an amateur radio operator
    • New bill related to Amateur Radio proposed - would affect antennas on private land restrictions
  • Introductions were performed
  • Program for this month was by Mike Thompson AE0MT about Arduino and amateur radio projects that can be completed on this platform
Minutes recorded and reported by Drew, KC0CJP, Secretary.