RARC Meeting Minutes for May 12th, 2015

  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan at 634pm
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Read by Drew KC0CJP Secretary in Robert's absence
    • Pat will take care of getting QSLs that are being held by W0QSL
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Minutes were approved with 1 opposed with the below caveat:
    • Motion to move the meeting location in June to new location at fire station was amended to instead be:
    • Club will meet at RCTC next month and then move to fire station in July due to concerns about Field Day discussion in June meeting
Opening Balance $3,986.61

Dues $310.00
Donations $107.14

RPU $40.31

Closing Balance $4,363.44

Opening Balance $4,692.29

Interest $0.03


Closing Balance $4,692.32

Cash on hand $40.00

Total $9,095.76
  • Reports:
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • Inspection of 82 repeater
        • Battery was completely dead, charger was turned off
        • Battery was replaced with new model with warranty
        • Repeater is back up and running now
      • Digipeater was also turned off, probable issue with power supply
      • 625 and DStar repeater are doing good
      • Possible new site of 82 repeater is being investigated - windmill west of Rochester
    • Public Service:
      • This Friday 5-15 Stay Out of the Sun Run
      • 2 weeks from now is Med City Marathon
      • Check website for upcoming public service events, additional help is always welcome
    • ARES:
      • Applications were passed around for ARES
    • Contesting:
      • WPX CW contest end of May
      • Dayton convention is this weekend
      • June VHF contest is the 2nd full weekend of June - 2 weekends before Field Day
    • Education:
      • Class was held with 3 students recently
      • Testing was held recently as well - 5/6 people taking the test passed
      • Discussion about ways to encourage new recent test takers to come to meetings
        • Contact from club members to encourage/remind them to come to meetings - especially a personal phone call
        • Business card for club with numbers to contact people - could be used for this and different functions/events as well
    • Skywarn:
      • First call out recently
    • Social Gatherings:
      • Permanently at WildWood for the rest of the year, last Thursday of the month
  • Old business:
    • Field Day - Friday June 26th through Sunday June 28th
      • Getting organized, plans coming together
      • Stay tuned to website for sign up for food to bring to Field Day dinner
      • Short one radio currently at CW1 station
      • Mobile home/RV - please contact Peter if you have one available if you have one available
      • BJ is station chief for voice station
    • Discussion of status of club member Randal, who unfortunately had a stroke recently
      • Mel provided details about his condition
      • Dan and Jon provided get well card that will be signed over the break and given to Randal
  • New business:
    • Neal is giving away a bunch of old CQ and QST magazines, please contact him if you would like to inspect them or pick them up
    • 2 former club members have given John Scott equipment which he is now selling
      • Proceeds from there sale will go to club
      • Please see John if you are interested
    • Balloon tracking with RCTC and APRS - tentatively scheduled for around noon this coming Friday
      • Balloon callsign is KD0ZDX
    • Membership improvements
      • Get John Scott any hams that are not on the newsletter list already - he will add them to it
      • Club memberships run Jan 1st to December 31st
  • Introductions were performed
  • Meeting adjourned at 718pm
  • Program for this month was Mel presenting details on his mobile setup
Minutes recorded and reported by Drew, KC0CJP, Secretary.