RARC Meeting Minutes for November 10th, 2015

  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan at 6:37pm
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Reported by Robert, available on website below:
    • $402 donation for equipment
    • $2000 grant from IBM as well
    • Amazon Smile donations - not enough money yet to get a check, unsure of amount needed to get a donation:
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • No changes, minutes were approved
Opening Balance $4,285.64

Dues $50.00
United Way $70.00
IBM Grant $2,000.00
10-10 International $402.82

RPU $41.87
Insurance $286.00

Closing Balance $6,480.59

Opening Balance $4,692.48

Interest $0.04


Closing Balance $4,692.52

Cash on hand $40.00

Total $11,213.11

  • Reports:
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • 82 repeater discussion
        • Proposal to turn off 82 repeater, don't remove any equipment but get rid of $40 a month meter charge
        • John Scott N0HZN will be working on getting us cheaper/free power to help with this - has until December Christmas party to set this up
        • Tower owner will let us stay there (for now)
    • Public Service:
      • Nothing until February
    • ARES/Skywarn:
      • Skywarn recognition day is on December 5th
        • Echolink will be available as well on the 255 repeater
        • If you are interested contact Steve W0STV
      • Joint exercise between ARES and Military Affiliated Radio System (MARS) last Saturday November 7th.
        • Reports passed between different groups, exercise was based on idea of solar flares impeding communications
        • Statewide 24 counties reported
        • HF conditions did cause some issues
      • Bounce Day exercise with Mayo - occurred last month
        • Leader of Mayo side of event wants RARC involved in all future events and wants expanded club involvement both with Bounce Day and other events
        • Selected club members will be involved with further communications with this group
    • Contesting:
      • Sweepstakes last weekend
      • Significant world DX contest end of the month
      • No VHF contests until January - possibly the third weekend in January
    • Education:
      • Class for November was cancelled, next class is in January
      • General class will be some time in 1st quarter 2016
    • Social Gatherings:
      • Moved to 3rd Thursday for the next two months:
      • November 19th and December 17th
  • Old business:
    • Field Day
      • Two choices - Pat's farm or Gamehaven
      • Gamehaven
        • First weekend with Cub Scouts so will require some logistics, but would have advantages for GOTA station
        • Use of grounds form will need to be filled out if we go to Gamehaven
        • Steve W0STV has transportation available for gear
        • Shelters will be needed for people and equipment
      • Restaurant sponsors in January for Field Day - HyVee, John Hardy's, etc.
      • Final numbers for 2015 are available
        • 22nd nationally
        • Still keep Minnesota Cup
      • Confidential feedback will be sent to president, review in January
        • Will include location feedback for Field Day
    • Ideas to get people to come to meetings
      • Raffle tickets - Twin Cities DX club does this
      • 1/2 of money goes to club coffers or funds, other 1/2 goes to prizes/money back
      • Discuss at December meeting, vote on January
    • Adopt a highway program for RARC
      • We have the potential to have a section of highway on Mayowood Road - sings would be updated to reflect this
      • 1.5 miles total
      • Ramps on highway would need to be cleaned too
      • Need to take it for 2 years, clean 3 times a year
      • Option to renew for additional years as well
      • Motion was proposed and passed to adopt this stretch of road
      • Preliminary meeting will occur before the first one of these next spring
      • Reflective vests are needed - ARES vests are acceptable
  • New business:
    • Election discussion
      • December is when elections occur
      • If anyone would like to throw their hat in the ring for any club positions, please let John Scott N0HZN know
    • Christmas party
      • Form on website, please sing up ASAP and choose a menu
    • Mel KC0P is looking for microcontroller equipment/expertise so if you have any spare equipment please contact him
    • Business cards for the club/members of the club
      • Would have net information for contact, blank space for name and call
      • VistaPrint or other online source for cards
      • Cards would stay in club's possession, people who came to club meetings could pick up a few at a time
      • $20 of the club's money to do this
      • Motion was proposed and passed to order this
      • Elyse W0CAY will do the design for the cards
    • Amazon Smile
      • Go to Smile.amazon.com to support RARC if you order things off of there
  • Introductions were performed and meeting was adjourned at 7:37PM
  • Program for this month was about ARRL awards programs
Minutes recorded and reported by Drew, KC0CJP, Secretary.