RARC Meeting Minutes for October 13th, 2015

  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan at 634pm
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Minutes were corrected for an extra $.03
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Read by Robert, see below for details:
Opening Balance $4,329.06

Dues $110.30

RPU $42.93
Field Day Food $112.22
Office Supplies $15.06

Closing Balance $4,285.64

Opening Balance $4,692.45

Interest $0.03


Closing Balance $4,692.48

Cash on hand $40.00

Total $9,018.12

  • Reports:
    • ARES:
      • SET will not happen this weekend as scheduled
      • Proposal to make Mayo disaster drill the SET next year
      • Leader of Mayo drill did not have any concerns with expanding drill next year
      • ARES stateswide
        • State SEC is retiring, no replacement designated yet
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • Did not meet this month
      • Last word on tower is that we will be allowed to stay there for now
      • Contract does need to be written up, this will be completed too
      • Additional $500 to be raised by the club in order to repair the .82 repeater
      • Power concerns as well - reduce cost of this every month - N0HZN is working on this
      • Additional concerns on equipment/hardline issues found while working on antenna
      • Looking into issues on APRS units and antennas as well
    • Contesting:
      • Last Wed. 7 to 11p was the Fall Sprint - 432mhz
      • No upcoming VHF contests until January
      • February is Minnesota QSO party
      • CQ Worldwide Sideband contest on the 22nd of October
      • Some club members going to Turks/Caicos?
    • Public Service:
      • No actions until February
      • Last 2 events went well
      • Bounce Day at Mayo went good as well
    • Education:
      • Technician class in November
      • Details not yet on website but will be updated to include that
      • Last 3 Saturdays in November
      • General class in January - signup on webpage
    • Social Gatherings:
      • Next one is October 29th at Wildwood
      • Skip for November and December due to holidays
      • Christmas party in December is scheduled
  • Old business:
    • Elections
      • Please see any of the existing officers if you would like to become an officer of the club
    • IBM/IBM retirees
      • Time to select charities for IBM
      • Can choose RARC as one of your options
      • Mayo Clinic has a similar option as well
    • Amazon Smile
      • Some money in this account but not enough for for a check yet
      • Please set this up if you do Amazon shopping
    • Banners
      • 2 more RARC banners on order to replace the missing one
  • New business:
    • National Ham Radio Event in Rochester next year
    • Central States VHF Conference downtown here
      • Last full weekend in July
    • Field Day
      • Potential locations
        • Field Day at Fairgrounds will not happen this year due to insurance reasons
          • Cattle show the same weekend as Field Day, so not going to happen
          • 2016 may happen at Fairgrounds
        • Gamehaven
          • Researched contacts for this
          • Still working on communications for this
        • Pat's Farm is always an option as well
    • Club equipment
      • List of club equipment that needs to be disposed of
      • Bring it to a meeting and have any club members take any equipment they want for donations
      • Any loaned equipment should only go to club members
      • Any loaned equipment that breaks should be repaired
      • Dan will get in contact with Neal about the GOTA station equipment
    • New website
      • Sample website has been updated
      • Proposal to have old website still available with a flag noting that it is an archive only
  • Meeting adjourned at 732pm
  • Program for this month was on Logbook of the World by John, NZ0S Vice President
Minutes recorded and reported by Drew, KC0CJP, Secretary.