RARC Meeting Minutes for September 8th, 2015

  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan at 631pm
  • Treasurer's Report (note: 2 months)
    • Read by Robert, available at website
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • July's minutes were approved
Opening Balance $4,500.25

Dues $50.00
United Way $67.86

RPU $42.92
RPU $43.20
Field Day Restroom $112.22
Radio Supplies $9.99
Shelter Rental $80.72

Closing Balance $4,329.06

Opening Balance $4,692.38

Interest $0.04
Interest $0.03


Closing Balance $4,692.45

Cash on hand $40.00

Total $9,061.51

  • Reports:
    • Technical Committee Report:
      • All of the equipment is operational, however .82 repeater has a lot of static
      • Some potential for a new location on the NW side of town - they would charge us a non-profit rate that has not been determined yet
      • Additional equipment considerations (Heliax, antenna) if .82 was relocated
      • High speed link to Twin Cities also being considered
      • Power supply from Digipeater has been tested and possibly has issues with RF exposure
      • Schaefer power supply has also been tested and works great
      • Need to determine if we can stay at current location and add new antenna, versus moving to new location
    • Public Service:
      • 2 events left
      • Tour de Cure on September 19th
        • North/NW now - routes have totally changed
      • Med City Fall Half Marathon on September 20th
      • If you are interested in working at or observing a public service event, please contact John and sign up
    • ARES:
      • SET - 1st weekend in October (3rd and 4th)
        • May get moved to 10th and 11th
        • State has not replied yet, so far just RARC
        • Couple exercises/ideas for this are being worked on
      • Mayo Clinic Drill (Bounce Day) - September 26th
        • RARC providing communications
        • Start at 7a, ends at 12p
      • Airport drill takes place this Thursday
    • Education:
      • No classes for the rest of the year, please continue to forward people to Bill however
      • Community education has a class about soldering, Arduino, etc.
    • Contesting
      • VHF contest this weekend on Saturday through Sunday
        • 50Mhz and up
        • Last big contest of the year
        • FM category is present as well
        • 146.55 or 58 is popular 2M frequency
      • Dstar contest
        • Starts on the 19th, runs through the 20th
        • Can make any kind of Dstar contact (repeaters, simplex, etc.)
        • There is a form, everyone who enters has a chance to win prizes.
    • Social gatherings:
      • Last Thursday of the month at Wildwood
    • Field Day
      • Discussion of the three objectives of Field Day and how the club would rank any of this
        • Contesting
        • Emergency preparedness
        • Public relations
      • Idea of increased community education participation (Ham Radio 101 or similar title)
        • This could increase new ham participation in Field Day
      • Location will change the public relations aspect of Field Day greatly
      • Steve W0STV went over location possiblities
        • Pat's Farm
        • Assisi Heights - several issues that make this not a great site
        • Game Haven - Kelly will get a hold of management there to get more details
        • Fairgrounds - just west of EOC
          • Possibility to store equipment at EOC garages rather than Pat's farm
        • Fire Station where meetings are currently held
      • Of the above options, Fairgrounds has a lot of attractions
      • We also need more operators for Field Day, particularly CW and HF
  • New business
    • New website is in progress, may need to move the existing website due to security concerns and cost
      • Currently pay $12 a month, there are hosting options that are much cheaper and better
      • Custom email addresses may also be an option
      • John Scott will check when our contract is up with the company, and investigate alternatives
    • Preamble has been updated, if you are doing net control make sure you use the updated one
    • Radio City is having a sidewalk sale on September 12th
    • If anyone would like to be net control, Steve is volunteering to shadow and help anybody who would like to learn this
  • Meeting adjourned at 730pm
  • Program for this month was a tour of the new fire station/EOC by Ken Jones, Director of Emergency Management
Minutes recorded and reported by Drew, KC0CJP, Secretary.