RARC Meeting Minutes for January 12th, 2016

  • Meeting called to order by President, Dan at 633pm
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Read by Robert, available for review below
  • Minutes from last month's meeting
    • Approved from last month, very brief due to holiday party.
Opening Balance $7,068.10

Dues $75.00

RPU $42.13
Liability Insurance $320.00

Closing Balance $6,780.97

Opening Balance $4,692.55

Interest $0.04


Closing Balance $4,692.59

Cash on hand $40.00

Total $11,513.56
  • Old business:
    • 82 repeater issues
      • Electrical cost - John NZ0S working with KAAL still, has to go through a committee on their end
      • Digipeater renewed for next 5 years
      • Waiting on further action until power and technical issues worked out
    • RARC website - moved over in a few days
      • Mostly working with some glitches
      • DNS still needs to be updated
      • Some issues with free sites and web filtering, these may be unavoidable
    • Banners to replace missing one
      • Will be here in Rochester this week
      • Next meeting they will be reviewed and placed in appropriate places
      • Sign and sign out sheets will be created
    • Adopt a highway program
      • Officially part of this for the next 3 years
      • Signage still being worked on
      • Certificate for participation in this program as well
      • April/May will be first inspection/cleaning
      • Public Service page on RARC website will be used for signup
    • Business cards
      • Developed a design, passed around for review
      • Vistaprint was used for print, can print more for additional costs
    • VHF Conference Central States
      • WA2VOI - Don Baker is chairman of conference, will come to club for assistance
      • Last full weekend in July - 29th through 31st
      • In Rochester, help will be required from local resources
      • Help to put up antennas, tent, etc.
      • Technical conferences all day Friday and Saturday
      • Banquet Saturday night
      • Sunday conference on VHF weak signal operations
    • List of club equipment for disposal
      • Bring to meeting to get donations for members?
      • Peter Wollen - contact for this
    • Raffle idea for meetings
      • Purchase raffle tickets and win prize at end of meeting
      • Half of proceeds would go to the club treasury account
      • Other half would be raffled off
      • Would need to be $99 or less due to gambling commission rules
      • Motion was proposed and passed to do this
      • Steve Webke will be head of raffles/fundraising
    • Field Day restaurants/catering
      • Kelly will talk to restaurants about getting free food for Field Day
      • Survey supports free food from restaurants
      • Lunches are important too, not just dinner
      • Some possibilities for pizzas at Saturday setups
    • Dues
      • Please get in your dues for 2016 if you have not already.
      • Cash, check, or credit card
      • If you do not get your dues in by the next month you will be removed from the website directory
  • Committees/new business:
    • Education
      • Class coming up soon, sign up on website
      • 3 students so far
    • Public Service
      • February 6th is Frozen Goose
      • All public service events on website, sign up if you are interested
    • ARES
      • Section leader leaving soon, new EOC appointed
      • Joe K0JCR is new state EOC
      • Net control operator
    • VE Testing
      • Coming up February 11th at 630p at Red Cross
      • 2 signed up so far
    • Tech Committee
      • None this month, will meet next month before meeting at 6p in the same room
      • If anyone is interested in joining please contact Rob
    • Contesting
      • Lots of activities coming up
      • Some DX available too
      • K5P is DX on an Atoll
      • Minnesota QSO party Saturday February 6th
      • VHF contest January 30th and 31st - 1p Saturday until 10p Sunday
      • All contests on WA7BNM website
    • Field Day
      • 39 responses to survey
      • 26 people answered for Field Day, 10 people skipped question
      • Game Haven -15 votes, Pat's Farm - 11 votes
      • Catered only, no club cost was most votes food wise
      • In room vote Game Haven location received majority of vote as well
      • Review meals next month and then move on to operations
      • Mel KC0P giving VHF station to someone else and working exclusively on satellite contacts
        • Mel showed www.amsat.org/status which shows available satellites and helps with contacting them                                   
    • Dstar radio deal on Gigaparts - 9880H normally $450 now $299
      • May be limited time, also somewhat difficult
    • Rochester 10m net
      • First Tuesday of the month 8 o clock
      • 28.325mhz frequency
      • Next one would be February 2nd
    • Social evenings remain on the last Thursday of each month
  • Meeting adjourned at 730p
  • Program for this month was discussion of the survey results from SurveyMonkey

Minutes recorded and reported by Drew, KC0CJP, Secretary.