Olmsted County Public Service Frequencies

Most Olmsted County Public Service frequencies are now part of the Minnesota state-wide Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response (ARMER) System. The system is a Project 25 Standard, APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive. An 800 Mhz digital trunking scanner, such as the Radio Shack Pro-106 is required to adequately monitor these frequencies.

Some county frequencies outside of Rochester are still of the conventional AM/FM type. Traditional AM/FM scanners, as well as the newer digital trunking scanners, are capable of monitoring these frequencies.

For more general information on the digital trunking system used in Olmsted county and throughout the state of Minnesota, see the presenation Trunked Radio Traffic - An overview covering Olmsted County and the Minnesota ARMER project by RARC member Robert Andrews, KØRDA.

See the Olmsted County Minnesota Radio Reference on radioreference.com for the latest frequencies for Olmsted County, Minnesota.

Refer the Minnesota Mobile Scanner Law before carrying or operating radios capable of receiving police frequencies in vehicles within the state of Minnesota.

Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response (ARMER) System

System Frequencies for Olmsted County

Description Primary Control Freq Secondary Control Freq Voice Frequencies
Olmsted County Simulcast 853.61250 851.05000 851.15000 851.30000 851.53750 853.26250 853.51250 853.77500 857.48750 858.48750
Note: The Olmsted County ARMER system was rebanded in April 2008. All channels 865 Mhz. and above were changed -15 Mhz.

System Talkgroups for Olmsted County

Category Description Talkgroup ID
Olmsted County - Gold Cross EMS Gold Cross Ambulance Dispatch 20434
Olmsted County - Airport Fire Airport Fire Tactical 20440
Airport Fire Dispatch 20448
Olmsted County - Rochester Police Tactical Car to Car 20466
Rochester Fire Department Ch 2 20472
Rochester Fire Dispatch 154370 20476
Fire Tac 1 20478
Fire Tac 2 20480
Fire Tac 3 20482
Fire Tac 4 20484
Fire  Mayo Clinic Incidents 20492
Police Car to Car 20526
Olmsted County - Fire County Fire 20494
Byron Fire 20496
Oronoco Fire 20498
Olmsted County - Sherrif LEC 2 BackUp alternately used with 20502 20456
LEC 2 Simulcast of 1554900 20502
LEC 1 simulcast of 1555800 20506
Sheriff  Invesigations 20514
Park Patrol 20520
Sheriff Tactical Car to Car 20534
Court Baliffs 20536
Sheriff  Tactical 4 20540
Sheriff  Tactical 5 20542
Sheriff  Tactical 6 20544
Sheriff  Tactical 7 20546
Emergency Operations Center 20560
EOC Tactical 1 20562
EOC Tactical 2 20564
Jail 20566
Jail 20578
Jail 20580

Conventional Frequencies

Category Description Frequency Mode
City of Chatfield Police, Fire, EMS 155.1000 FM
City of Eyota  City Service Dept. 154.1150 FM
City Service Dept. 155.7900 FM
Medical Support and Facilities St Mary Hosp Mayo - Helipad Ops 123.0500 AM
St Mary Hosp Mayo - Helipad Weather 124.1750 AM
Mayo Foundation - Mayo 1 Air Ops 130.0750 AM
Gold Cross Ambulance Primary 155.2800 FM
National EMS 155.3400 FM
Gold Cross Ambulance Backup 155.3400 FM
Rochester Regional EMS 155.3850 FM
Mayo One Dispatch 155.4000 FM
Olmsted County Building Maintenance 153.9800 FM
Landfill/Engineer 155.1150 FM
Emergency Operations Center 155.7600 FM
Planning/Zoning 216.0125 FM
Environmental 453.3750 FM
Many Rivers Juvenile Detention Center 453.6375 FM
Environmental 458.9500 FM
MDT Backup 854.9875 FM
MDT Primary 855.4875 FM
Olmsted Medical Center Olmsted Medical Center 160.1550 FM
City of Rochester Utilities 153.1850 FM
Utilities 153.4250 FM
Utilities  Silver Lake 153.5150 FM
Water Reclamation Plant 153.6800 FM
Public Works (Street/Parks) 154.0550 FM
Township Services 155.1150 FM
Utilities  Silver Lake 451.2750 FM
Utilities  Silver Lake 451.5750 FM
Mayo Civic Center 1 453.7000 FM
Airport Operations (Maint.) 453.8500 FM
Utilities  Portables 456.1500 FM
Utilities 456.2500 FM
Utilities 456.2750 FM
Water Distribution 456.3125 FM
Water Distribution 456.4375 FM
Mayo Civic Center 3 464.5000 FM
Water Distribution 467.8125 FM
Water Distribution 467.8375 FM
City of Stewartville City Public Utilities 453.2250 FM

Also see City Freq Web Site for Rochester, Minnesota frequency listings.

Last update: March 20, 2010