RARC Meeting Minutes - February 2002

The February meeting of the Rochester Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 7:00pm, Tuesday 2/12/02, by President Dave Peterson (K7CJO), with 40 members and 7 guests present.


  • Minutes from the January meeting were approved as posted on the web site.
  • Treasurer's Report by Bob (KCGND): Tuesday, February 12, 2002
    Checking: $ 2290.85
    Savings: $ 2423.34
    Cash + Checks: $ 56.00
    Total: $ 4770.19
    Major transactions this period:
    • 501C3 donations - $40.00
    • 2002 dues - $545.00
    • Telephones - $36.89
    • '82 voice upgrade - $170.40

Committee Reports

  • Technical Committee - Stew (WSHL)
    • All Technical Committee members were present, plus 7 additional club members.
    • The 440 repeater is working OK (KCFOW). K7CJO and WSHL will check with Roger, WBISF, for the repeater manuals. Mayo Clinic has been contacted to see if it would be possible to relocate the 440 repeater to the Gonda Building.
    • The 820 repeater is running OK (NHZN). The stuck transmitter was found to be a Radisson guest with the mic caught between the seats of his parked auto. He apologized on the repeater sometime mid-Monday morning. An EchoStation "Announcement machine" has been installed at W0SHL's place. It allows for a very flexible announcement plan for the 82 repeater. This program can be used as a full featured repeater controller.
    • APRS (NEST): The watertower digipeater WMXW-2 is running, but has developed a feed line or antenna problem. The Amp planned for there could not be used. We are still working on the problem at the Simpson APRS site. More on this next month.
    • The 625 repeater is running OK (NADQ). iLink has been running on the repeater. Check any of the several iLink Web Sites for details or contact Bill, WFH. He gave an overview of iLink and what he has been working on. WSHL, earlier, gave Bill permission to run some experiments using iLink on the 625 repeater. The Technical committee agreed to have Bill continue working on iLink and the 625 repeater. Bill described iLink briefly as a way of linking repeaters or individual stations through the internet.
    • No location has been found for a Club Station. So, next month, we will review the equipment owned by the Club. The plan is to develop inventory list of items we should keep and what we should sell or give away. More on the recommendations at the March meeting.
  • Membership - John (KKTY):
    • A new committee has been established to increase membership. John has contacted class members, past members, and area non-members, sending out about 200 invitations.
    • Help is needed to provide a visible club presence at events.
  • Boy Scouts - Bob (ABBW):
    • Interaction with the Boy Scout council has begun.
  • Public Service - Pam (KCCJM) and John (NHZN):
    • The Med City Marathon is coming up May 26. A co-chair is needed.
    • Three bicycle races and Rochesterfest are on the schedule, with dates on the web site.
  • Library - Peter (N8MHD):
    • Barnes and Noble has a fundraising program. This would need to be a club activity, not limited to the library project.
    • A copy of the ARRL CD "Introduction to Morse Code" was contributed by Art (KCJKP). It will be included in the donation to the library.
  • ARES - Bob (NEST):
    • A reminder, new ARES ID cards are needed; all ARES members should fill out a form (available on the web site) and have a picture taken.
    • There will be a Red Cross class Feb 24, 9-4, on Basic REd Cross Communications. Call to register; it requires Introduction to Disasters as a prerequisite.
    • New Net Control Operators for the Sunday night nets are encouraged to sign up.
    • Yellow flashing lights for car roofs are being ordered for Skywarn.
    • There will be a Skywarn class March 27 at Diggers in Kasson.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:00.


Following the meeting, a great program was presented by Todd Shea and Tom O'Brien of the LaCrosse National Weather Service station.

Submitted by Peter N8MHD.

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