RARC Meeting Minutes - October 2002

The October meeting of the Rochester Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 7:00pm, Tuesday 10/8/02, by President Dave Peterson (K7CJO), with 23 members and guests present.


  • Minutes from the September meeting were briefly posted on the web site with a year-old Treasurer's report, due to inattentive cutting and pasting by the Secretary. Fortunately, the Treasurer noticed the error, and the minutes were corrected before the meeting. Minutes were approved as posted, corrected, on the web site.
  • Treasurer's Report by Bob (KCGND): Tuesday, October 8, 2002
    Checking: $ 703.48
    Savings: $ 4936.02
    Cash: $ 41.00
    Undeposited checks: $ 139.08
    Total: $ 5819.58
    Major transactions this period:
    • IBM United Way income - $39.08
    • Sale of Tower for Red Cross - $100.00
    • Equipment Insurance - $299.00
    • Telephones - $40.25
    • '.82 Repair - $12.64
    • WMXW-2 borrowed radio replacement - $139.98
    • RPU 4Q02 - $45.00
    IRS Plan for 1 year operational (~$2,000) coverage:
    • Reserve for uninsured equipment failure - $3,900 ('.625 Repeater)
    • Six (6) month's fixed operating expense - $1,000
    • Total, Minimum Reserve: $4,900

Committee Reports

  • Technical Committee - Stew (WSHL):
    • The .82 amp has been evaluated. It was hit by lightning, and repairs would be about $300. It will be replaced by a new amp. Most of the cost will be covered by insurance.
    • The .625 repeater is being replaced, in stages. Pat (NADQ) is collecting information, and will put together a summary for the Tech Committee.
    • The DX node that Stew has been running has been shut down. One person (not a club member) commented that he missed it.
    • The phone line to the remote base will be disconnected as soon as billing has been corrected.
    • APRS is working fine. A new 2 meter rig has been swapped to Bob (NEST) for his rig that is in place in the water tower.
  • Boy Scouts - Bob (ABBW):
    • JOTA is 48 hours starting midnight October 18. The 65 foot pole will be up for antennas. There will be a tent, and a table and chairs are needed. We will start setting up about 1:00pm Friday afternoon.
  • ARES - Steve (WSTV):
    • 35 ARES vests have been received. New radios have been installed at both hospitals; we will try to have a drill each month, but security is an issue. The IEMS van will be refurbished, emphasizing ham radio, sometime after January, when the budget is known.
    • The Camporama coming up October 19 is an opportunity to drill with K-9 and other county groups.
  • Membership - Peter (N8MHD) for John (KKTY):
    • No major updates or changes in membership, 106 current members. John attended the first session of the ham radio class on September 19 to introduce the students to RARC. Students receive a year's free membership.
    • Normal updates on the web site. Past issues of the RARC Flyer have been removed, since the last issue was September 2001.
  • Nominating Committee - Steve (WSTV): We want 8 candidates for club offices, by next meeting.


  • Hamfest MN is coming up 10/26. Don (ADF) will be driving a van up.
  • The Skywarn fall banquet is at Byron, 10/26.
  • Don (ADF) was in Biloxi, Mississippi, doing "mass care" for the Red Cross, for hurricanes Isadore and Lily. He worked in a mobile feeding station, serving 700 people in 10 days.
  • Comm. 101, the Red Cross communication class, is coming up Nov. 9. You need to be registered as a RC volunteer and view the introductory video. To register, call 507-287-2200 or send an e-mail to chapter@redcross-semn.org.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40.


Following the meeting, Fant (AA5F) gave a presentation on Amateur Satellite communications.

Submitted by Peter N8MHD.

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