RARC Meeting Minutes - September 2002

The September meeting of the Rochester Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 7:00pm, Tuesday 9/10/02, by President Dave Peterson (K7CJO), with 19 members present.


  • Minutes from the July meeting were approved as posted on the web site. There was no meeting in August, with a picnic instead.
  • Treasurer's Report by Bob (KCGND): Tuesday, September 10, 2002
    Checking: $ 1103.27
    Savings: $ 4933.79
    Cash + Checks: $ 41.00
    Total: $ 6078.06
    Major transactions this period:
    • IBM Grant - $1000.00
    • New member dues - $10.00
    • Telephones - $106.85
    • '.82 Repair - $65.00

Committee Reports

  • Technical Committee - Bob (NEST):
    • Three sections of tower will be sold to Dave, who will donate it to Red Cross.
    • The .82 amp is in for repairs.
    • The DX node that Stew has been running will be shut down.
    • The phone line to the remote base will be disconnected.
    • An old HF radio that the club owns will be sold for $225 to a club member or $300 to a nonmember.
    • Current projects: the .82 amp is being fixed; a 2 meter rig is being bought to replace the borrowed rig being used as a digipeater; the .625 repeater will be replaced in pieces, starting with hardline and antenna.
  • Boy Scouts - Bob (ABBW):
    • JOTA is the third weekend in October. We are going to the district to publicize to local scout troops.
  • Public Service - John (NHZN):
    • Done for the year.
  • ARES - Steve (WSTV):
    • New radios are in. AECs will meet soon. More APRS checkins are needed on the Sunday net. Member ID cards are still being updated. Hamfests are coming up, check the Coming Events schedule on the web site; we can carpool.
    • There will be no foxhunt this month; it is normally the Sunday after the club meeting at 7 pm.
  • Membership - John (KKTY):
    • The annual dues drive is starting up. We now have 106 members, about half Tech, a quarter General, and a quarter Extra. 85% live in Rochester. Approximately two thirds of the club members don't participate. Encourage all members to return.


  • A Red Cross Damage Assessment Course is coming up.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50.


Following the meeting, Bill (KRGR) described the systems that allow linking radios (including repeaters) with the internet (Amateur Voice Over IP), including ILink and EchoLink.

Submitted by Peter N8MHD.

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