RARC Meeting Minutes - May 2004

The May meeting of the Rochester Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 7:00pm, Tuesday 5/11/04, by President Fred Regennitter (K4IU), with 38 members and guests present.


  • April minutes were approved, with a correction: the ARES call-out tone is 136.5 Hz.
  • Treasurer's Report by Bob (KCGND):
    Checking: $ 1276.98
    Savings: $ 5762.94
    Undeposited checks: $ 0.02
    Cash: $ 25.00
    Total: $ 7064.94
    Major transactions this period:
    • 2004 dues: + $75.00
    • Donations: + $60.00

Committee Reports

  • Technical Committee - John (NHZN):
    • Over the last month the exhaust fan at the 82 site has quit 3 times. Two times, it caused the repeater to over heat to the point it shut down. Each time after resetting the circuit breaker that supplies the exhaust fan the building cooled down and the repeater functioned again. The repeater has the ability to monitor different inputs, so Rob KC0FOW has built a circuit that will create a short condition when the temperature in the repeater cabinet reaches aprox 168 degrees. When that happens the repeater has been programmed to play a message Danger High Temperature Alert, Call Control Operator if you hear this please call one of the tech committee members. If the condition exists the message will play every 10 minutes until the temperature reaches a safe level. We are still doing some testing on the circuit and hope to have it operational soon.
    • John NHZN has offered to sell the club a room temperature monitor to install in the .82 repeater cabinet that will allow the tech committee to monitor the actual temperature inside the cabinet. By inputting the proper code, the repeater will read the actual temperature over the air. This will allow us to know the actual temp so we may know before it reaches the trigger temp that will play the High temp warning. John is asking for $100 for the unit. The tech committee recommends that the club purchase the unit.
    • Its time to have a .82 repeater site clean up again. We need to sweep the floor and pick up inside the building. Stay tuned to the Sunday night net and we will announce when we are planning to clean up the site.
    • The .625 is working well, and seems to be doing a great job.
    • The 440 appears to be working fine.
    • Bob NEST reports the APRS IGATE located at IBM will be reset every night. The igate appears to have locked up a couple of times recently. The reset will correct the lock up if it occurs again. If you notice any problems with the igate please contact Bob NEST or Tony AASM.
    • John NHZN is working to remove the Austin Digi-peater since there is now a digi in Albert Lea. There has been no interest in Austin, and the digi is a collaboration between the RARC and the club in Mason City. The RARC owns the antenna and is planning to use it for another site we are looking at installing a backup digi.
  • BPL - Fred (K4IU): The test site is bounded by Hwy 63, Apache Mall, 16th St, and 14th St. There are no hams in that area. Testing begins July 1, and Mel and Dan Sturm are working on monitoring interference. The equipment vendor is Main.net, which has a history of pushing signals through transformers by using high power. Write your congressman. Email is preferred; if you use paper mail, send to a local address and not to Washington DC.
  • Public Service - John (NHZN):
    • The Med City Marathon is Memorial Day, May 30. The Tour de Cure is June 5, June 25 is the Rochesterfest Parade, June 26 (same day as Field Day) is the Ride for the Y, July 10 is the Centurion, there is a half-marathon in August, a triathlon August 29, and the 4H Shootout in September. Whew. Check the web site for the schedule.
  • ARES - Don (ADF):
    • Sunday's Skywarn coverage went well.
    • Saturday's regional exercise at Austin went well.
  • Membership - John (KKTY):
    • Education: The first day of the General Class was last Saturday, with 13 students and 5 instructors. It continues next Saturday. Lots of fun.
    • 3 more members renewed, and current membership stands at 120.


  • September 9-20, for Rochester's Sesquicentennial, Chuck (N2DUP) has obtained the special event call W0U. There are several options for what we can do; see the web site at Rochester150.com, and email Chuck with ideas.
  • ARRL Section Manager elections are coming up. The current Minnesota Section manager is stepping down, and Chuck (N2DUP) and Skip Jackson are the candidates. Ballots will be out (to ARRL members) about July 1. Skip has been invited to visit the club, along with Chuck, and see their web sites at www.radiohams.net and www.skipforhams.com.
  • A plaque is to be presented to Mayo on May 20, as a thank-you for their grant to us.
  • Carl Johnson (KYIH) makes engraved call-sign nametags and plaques at reasonable prices. Sign up if you want one.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45.


Pat Cahill (NADQ) described arrangements for this year's Field Day, June 26-27, again at Cahill's Farm. Sign-up sheets are available. Everyone is invited, whether starting from breakfast at Grandma's Restaurant or coming by after the Ride for the Y public service event. This year there will be a porta-potty.

Submitted by Peter N8MHD.

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