RARC Meeting Minutes - October 2004

The October meeting of the Rochester Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 7:00pm, Tuesday 10/12/04, by President Fred Regennitter (K4IU), with 24 members and guests present.


  • September minutes were approved.
  • Treasurer's Report by Bob (KCGND):
    Checking: $ 472.98
    Savings: $ 5768.37
    Cash: $ 20.00
    Total: $ 6261.35
    Major transactions this period (two months):
    • IBM United Way: +$101.80
    • Sept meeting food: -$101.76
    • RPU: -$50.00

Committee Reports

  • Technical committee - Stew (WSHL):
    • Tim Morgan questioned our right to use the KTTC tower. We currently have an APRS repeater on it. He suggested we rent space at $1 per year.
    • The 82 repeater needs some tweaking on the voice announcements.
  • BPL - Fred (K4IU):
    • At the clubs request, Fred sent letters to RPU, Main.net and HBC. He presented copies of this letter for the membership to read. The IEEE meeting was held 11 October. Several club members were present. Our main concerns with BPL were addressed. They acknowledged that there was an interference on the ham bands and the 2-20 mhz HF frequencies in general. Fred attempted to explain the 3 components of the BPL bundle, Internet content, VOIP, and television. He fielded questions from the membership present.
  • Membership - John (KKTY):
    • Dues are due!
    • No change in membership, 122 members.
    • The next Technician class is in February. Instructors will be using the new projector purchased with grant money from IBM.
  • Public Service - John (NHZN):
    • Thanks to all that showed up to help at the 6 support events this summer. John, NHZN received and presented to the membership 2 plaques. The first was from Ann Ferguson and the American Red Cross a community service plaque. The second thank you plaque was from National Diabetes Association. John encouraged more participation in support of these public service events.
  • ARES - Don (ADF):
    • Don Franks discussed the Skywarn Class held last week. He stated the next one will most likely be in the spring. He noted that Steve Wiebke WØSTV is stepping down down at the end of the year. A replacement ED is needed. If no one steps forward ARES will cease to exist in Olmsted Co. area with no EOC.


  • Joe Fishburn KØTS is back home as of today.
  • Fred asked for nominations for new leadership with elections to be held in December.


The program, Working DX, was presented by Stewart Lewis (WSHL).

Submitted by Judy Reginnitter KØVH, secretary pro tem. Her minutes were promptly delivered to the regular secretary, Peter, who took a very long time to convert them to HTML and send them on to John for posting.

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