RARC Meeting Minutes - February 2005

The February meeting of the Rochester Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 7:00pm, Tuesday 2/8/05, by President Eric Van Norman (KFS), with 31 members and guests present.


  • January minutes were approved.
  • Treasurer's Report by Bob (KCGND): The annual report was posted on the web site, and a summary will be placed in next month's minutes.
    Checking: $ 1903.60
    Savings: $ 5772.20
    Cash: $ 20.00
    Total: $ 7695.80
    Major transactions this period:
    • 2005 Dues: +$550.00
    • Web Site - host: -$149.00
  • Summary of Financial Annual Report for 2004, by Bob (KCGND):
    Total Inflow: $ 6983.31
    Total Outflow: $ 3524.35
    Net worth as of 12/31/04: $ 7259.46

    Committee Reports

    • Technical committee - Rob (KCFOW): there was no meeting this month.
    • BPL - John (KKTY), Bill (KRGR):
      • ARRL has petitioned FCC to withdraw its approval of BPL. On the other hand, Duke Power has asked to put BPL on every pole, at public expense. In Rochester, the original vendor has been dropped, and the current candidate supplier is not willing to allow a trial -- they require a full roll out, which is a major expense. RPU has not requested the money to begin that rollout.
    • Membership - John (KKTY):
      • We have 75 members paid, 51 not yet paid, and one new member. Two are interested in the upcoming license class.
      • The member survey: there are some interesting results, described on the web site.
    • Public Service - Bob (KCGND):
        The Frozen Goose Relay was February 5, and 6 club members supported it. The Polar Bear Plunge is next weekend.
    • DX - Stew (WSHL):
      • The Peter I Island (Antarctica) DXpedition will be leaving soon. [update: the DXpedition ran into major transportation foulups, and is postponed till next year.]
      • The ARRL WWDX is coming up in March.
    • ARES - Don (ADF), Bob (ABBW):
      • A Plaque was presented to Steve (WSTV) for his 8 years of excellent work for ARES.
      • AECs for Olmsted County are still needed.
      • More participation is needed on the Sunday night net. Submit ideas for things that would interest you.
      • ARES IDs have expired. The EOC has a new ID system. Some weekend soon new IDs will be made.

    Old Business:

    • SK: Richard Ehrick, who acted as the club's attorney for many years. He was 85.
    • The Kit Building Night is coming up. It is now scheduled for March 17, but may need to be changed to the week before or after.

    New Business:
    • There will be an auction February 13 in Eau Claire, by the Red Cedar Repeater Club.
    • There will be a Hamfest April 16 in Faribault, and a Hamfest February 26 in St. Cloud, see the web site for information.

    The meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm.


John Reed (KKTY) presented a program on RF Safety.

Submitted by Peter (N8MHD).

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