RARC Meeting Minutes - June 2005

The June meeting of the Rochester Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 7:00pm, Tuesday 6/14/05, by President Eric Van Norman (KFS), with 32 members and guests present.

Erik presented a check for $300 to Scott Palmer, Red Cross Development Director, in appreciation for all that Red Cross does for us.


  • May minutes were approved.
  • Treasurer's Report by Bob (KCGND):
    Checking: $ 2805.49
    Savings: $ 5775.99
    Cash: $ 20.00
    Total: $ 8601.48
    Major transactions this period:
    • 2005 Dues: +$65.00
    • IBM United Way: +50.40

    Committee Reports

    • Technical committee - Rob (KCFOW) and John (NHZN):
      • The .82 repeater sounds lousy, the amp is blowing line fuses. We are working on it.
      • Brad (KCQVH) has checked out IRLP, which is like echolink, allowing access through radios only. Don (ADF) would like amateur WiFi also. These will both be looked at further.
      • The WMXW-2 digipeater will be moved to Plainview.
      • A repeater is going up in Wabasha, on 146.725.
      • Stew would like to resign from the Tech Committee. See Erik if you would like to be on it.
      • APRS has discontinued relay=wide. See the web site for what you need instead.
    • Programs - Bill (KRGR):
      • The picnic will be in August at Foster Arend park, bring your own meat and something to pass.
    • BPL - Pat (NADQ):
      • The Cincinnati trial has been delayed. Mel (KCP) will be going there later this month.
    • Membership - John (KKTY):
      • We now have 119 members.
      • The web site classified section is getting more active again. It works, try it.
      • If you change your email address, tell John. Also tell John about calendar items you would like to have on the site.
    • Public Service - John (NHZN):
      • For last Saturday's bike race, we tested equipment on Friday night, and nothing worked. By race time things had been worked out, and it went well. The Ride for the Y is next Saturday, the RochesterFest Parade Friday after, in August the Half-Marathon, and in September the Centurion.
    • ARES - Bob (ABBW):
      • An Emergency Preparation Exhibit and Demo will be June 21 (a week day), 9-12 at the Fairgrounds.
      • ID tags are available.
      • Skywarn: we have had two skywarn events, and have had more people coming out than were needed. We may get a group order together for anemometers and signs.
      • EOC: Steve (WSTV) is the new EOC director. He needs 10 people for operations. ARES is linked, but you can't be both EOC and ARES.
      • Section: Don (ADF) reports there are openings for CERT instructors. Watch for the Simulated Emergency Test in October.
    • DX and Contesting - Stew (WSHL):
      • St. Paul Island, CY9S (off the North-East coast of Canada), is on the air, as are Sudan, Ascension, and many others. This weekend is a UHF/VHF contest, June 20 the Run for the Bacon, and then Field Day.

      The meeting was adjourned at 7:44pm.


    The program was by Pat Cahill, NADQ, who described plans for Field Day. After Pat's presentation, Bob (ABBW) described this year's Dayton Hamvention, with pictures.

    Submitted by Peter (N8MHD).

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