RARC Meeting Minutes - June 2006

The June meeting of the Rochester Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 6:pm, Tuesday 6/13/06, by President Eric Van Norman (KFS) at 7:02p.m.


  • Meeting Minutes
    There were no minutes to approve.
  • Treasurer's Report


$ 2278.11


$ 1783.62

CD @ 3.92%:

$ 4000.00 (self insurred repeater fund)


$ 20.00


$ 8081.73

         Major transactions this period:

    • 2006 Dues: +$70.00
    • Donations: +$94.60
    • Phone line: -$16.31
  • Eric, BJ & Bob have PO Box Keys.

Committee Reports

  • Technical committee - Rob (KCFOW):
    • The Tech committee met tonight before the meeting.
    • The W0MXW-2 radio died and will need to be repaired, the TNC and power supply are insurred.
    • We need to provide a couple trackers for public service events.
    • Motion to purchase 2 tiny trackers and 2 antennas for $150 each, totaling $300 carried.
  • Programs - Bill (KRGR):
    • July: Harris HF Amplifiers
    • August: Club picnic
    • September: Red cross class on Damage Assessment, take "Introduction to disaster" online first.
  • Membership - Bob (KC0GND):
    • The job of membership has shifted to the Treasurer position.
    • Recruiting is everyones job.
  • Public Service - John (NHZN):
    • June 17 is the Y-ride, this weekend.
    • Rochesterfest is field day weekend this year, June 23rd.
    • June 24 is the Quarry Hill Triathlon, supposed to be a very short event.
    • The Holiday Inn Half Marathon and Centurion Bike events are coming up.
    • There is a potential for new events this year, watch the website for details.
  • ARES - Bob (ABBW):
    • Your membership tags will expire at the end of this year.
    • We can always use more net control operators for the Sunday night net.
  • EOC - Steve (W0STV):
    • There will be a drill on September 16, Saturday. This will be an FAA drill and well need at least 10 shadows on simplex. It will be an 8 hour event.
  • BPL - Mel KC0P
    • There has been no local trial yet, were still waiting for more information.
  • Contests/DX - Stew (WSHL):
    • There was a huge opening on 6m last weekend for the VHF contest.


  • Auction/FD
    • There will be an auction at field day (which was decided for sure to be at Pats house), flea market style tailgate-swap will also be allowed at field day.


Other/New Business

  • K0RGR presented a cumulative 2m contest designed to get new Tech licensees to operate more. June 1 to Aug 31 was the time frame suggested. FM repeaters allowed, however there should be only voice contacts (at least in this category). Top 3 people may get trophies. Incoming echo-link allowed. See rules on the website.
  • ARRL applications are available via the club, the advantage is that $15 is donated to the club, then the club registers you with the ARRL.
  • College for Kids asked for a donation again.
  • A motion was made to donate $300 to the program, it passed.
  • Joe KB0RZW and Paul WD0GCP will move to St. Louis Missouri after field day.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


The program this month was Brad AI0BP and Peter N8MHD on contest strategy and field day.


Submitted by BJ (KC0NPF).

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