RARC Meeting Minutes - March 2006

The February meeting of the Rochester Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 7:02pm, Tuesday 3/14/06, by President Eric Van Norman (KFS). There were approx 30 members present.

A moment of silence was observed for John, K0KTY's passing.

  • Peter Wollan N8MHD has stepped down as Secretary of the RARC. Byron J. Watts (BJ) KC0NPF has been appointed as the new club Secretary.


    • Meeting Minutes
      February minutes approval was deferred until april meeting. The Treasurer's report was approved.
    • Treasurer's Report
      The treasurer's annual report is available to members on the web site.
      Checking: $ 2256.92
      Savings: $ 1783.05
      CD @ 3.92%: $ 4000.00 (self insurrence of our most expensive equipment, namely repeaterS)
      Cash: $ 20.00
      Total: $ 8059.97
      Major transactions this period:
      • 2006 Dues: +$135
      • Educ Cost: -91.48

    Committee Reports

    • Technical committee - Rob (KCFOW):
      • There was a Tech Committee meeting this month on Monday March 13.
      • The .625 phone line in (for repeater control) was down and has now been repaired.
      • The Diamond SX-1000 Wattmeter is on its way and should be here soon.
      • .820 amp is still up (fingers crossed)
      • Inventory (announcement carried over from last month): much of our equipment is currently stored in Pat N0ADQ's barn. The recent donation of several items to the club needs to be dealt with. These items include: SB220 - works, fixed fan EF Johnson KW MatchBox w/SWR - works Alinco 110 2 meter rig - works Heath Twoer - unknown Heath SB301 SB401 receiver transmitter pair - works - repaired 401 so it would tune the final SB630 station console - blows fuses, not had time to trouble shoot further SB 620 Scanalyzer - works SB610 Station Monitor - needs new on-off switch otherwise works HM102 SWR Wattmeter - repaired, works Heath SW 7800 Shortwave receiver - kind of works, but has a problem when warmed up HD10 keyer - unknown Knightkit KN2512 Grid Dip Meter - repaired power supply, rebuilt coil case, found and printed manual 48 foot Rohn HBX tower - top is rusty CDE Ham-M rotator - unknown Mosley CL-33 triband beam - N connector - looks in great shape - Same as the RARC Field Day antennas
      • Our Auction has been postponed because the April Club meeting program will be John Turk from the EOC director of communications.
      • No action was taken on IRLP this month.
    • Programs - Bill (KRGR):
      • Mel KC0P gave the program on advanced propogation principals this month.
      • Next month's meeting will be John Turk talking about the EOC's communications needs and skywarn.
    • Membership - Brad (KC0QVH) this month KC0GND reports:
      • 3 more members tonight, there are now:
      • 83 paid members for 2006
      • unpaid members have suspended membership status.
    • Public Service - John (NHZN):
      • The next scheduled event is the Med-City Marathon.
      • There is a potential for new events this year, watch the website for details.
    • ARES - Bob (ABBW):
      • Registration for ARES is still online, make sure you have registered.
      • The NCS list is updated. If you want to be a net control operator, let Bob know.
      • Testing the radios at the hospitals, making sure they still work.
    • EOC - Steve (W0STV):
      • We are still revamping, especially with the Med-Ares program. However, there will be no big changes in our setup/operation with the EOC.
      • Joe Loftus is now the head of the EOC with John Turk as communications director.
      • March 30 Skywarn meeting at diggers. Check the NWS website for more sessions if you missed this one.
      • Anemometers are recommended for Skywarn, and a list of good choices is available. We will not be doing a group purchase -- get one on your own.
      • Bill K0RGR will (did) coordinate a recruiting table at the Skywarn meeting.
    • BPL - Mel Kc0P
      • New proposals for BPL are open until April 10.
      • another trial will be conducted in the same area if there are bids
      • The club is in the Request for Proposal
      • Mel might make measurements in Gafne, SC (spelling?) where the Corinex eqipment is in use.
    • Contests/DX - Stew (WSHL):
      • the 10-10 group on March 18
      • CQWW Wpx SSB march 25-26
      • Spring Homebrew Sprint on March 27
      • Cosmonauts RK3dZB April 12 Aniversary Apr 10-16
      • W0IBM April 8, the IBM Qso party

      The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


    The Program this month was Mel KC0P and Advanced Propogation Modes.

    Submitted by BJ (KC0NPF).

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