RARC Meeting Minutes - September 2006

The September meeting of the Rochester Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 7:00pm, Tuesday 9/12/06, by President Eric Van Norman (KFS). There were approx 25 members present.


  • Meeting Minutes
    The June and July Minutes were approved.
  • Treasurer's Report

    Checking: $ 1760.78
    Savings: $ 1784.19
    CD @ 3.92%: $ 4092.11 (self insurred repeater fund)
    Cash: $ 20.00
    Total: $ 7657.08
    Major transactions this period:

    • Insurance (Equipment and Liability): -$557.00
    • Field Day: -$142.26
  • Membership - Bob (KC0GND):
    • Stands at 115 members this month

    Committee Reports

    • Technical committee - Rob (KCFOW):
      • The APRS radio is back. There was no charge since the damage was due to lightening and covered by insurance.
    • Programs - Bill (KRGR):
      • September: Red Cross class on Damage Assessment
      • October: Digital Update - Winlink - KØRGR
      • November: More Out Of Amateur Radio For Less - AIØBP
      • December: Holiday Party
    • Public Service - John (NHZN):
      • John N0HZN distributed safety vests that were ordered.
      • No events until Feb. Watch the website for details.
    • ARES - Bob (ABBW):
      • Make sure you're registered, registration available online
      • There is a need for more net control opperators for the sunday night ARES net.
      • Your ARES ID cards expire at the end of this year. There will be new ones issued next year.
      • Looking for additional operators for upcoming FAA drill. Need a 5W HT and half and full day slots are available.
    • EOC - Steve (W0STV):
      • no report
    • BPL - Mel KC0P
      • no report
    • Contests/DX - Stew (WSHL):
      • no report
  • Field Day - Brad (AI0BP):
    • Results are posted on the website.

    Other/New Business

    • Jerry Nau thanked the RARC for our contribution to College for Kids, and further discussed the College for Kids program. Jerry brought in photos of the program, and cake and coffee to show how appreciated our contribution was.
    • Fall class may be cancelled. Currently we have only one person signed up at the Community Education office.

    The meeting was adjourned at 7:17 p.m.


    The program this month was Linda from the Red Cross and the Red Cross' Disaster Assessment Workshop.

    Submitted by Eric (KFØS).

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