RARC Meeting Minutes - June 2007

Minutes - June 12, 2007 - RARC

There were 39 membeers in attendance

Meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by K0VH
Minutes from 5/6 were read.

Treasurer's Report from K0VH

$3265 Checking
$1785 Savings
$4092 CD
$20 Cash
$9162 Total

We have 103 paid members.

New hams committee - listed the volunteers

New business - there will be VE testing this Thursday night at 6:30 at the Red Cross

Technical Committee

  • .82 antenna has been changed
  • we need a repeater site cleanup day


  • Ham Radio 'Down Under' - July
  • Fox Hunt and Picnic - August

Public Service - we have 5 more events

  • Y ride
  • 6/22 - Rochesterfest Parade
  • 6/23 - Quary Hill event
  • August - Half Marathon
  • Centurion?


  • Badges are available
  • Capt. Joe Loftus has retired - Terry Wolinsky is the new head of EOC
  • The EM50 van now has a ham station
  • 145.67 is moving along but not back up yet
  • 147.255 Skywarn Nets

Contests + DX - Rwanda is on

We need a new webmaster

KC0GND is resigning as Treasurer - looking for volunteers ( Bob has since reconsidered)

KB0TVP - K0RGR and K0VH discussed this fellow, who has become the subject of a formal complaint with FCC on behalf of the club and the EOC and others..

It was moved and passed on a show of hands that the Education Committee , consisting of Bill,K0RGR, Doug, KD0UGB, Kari Ann, KC0WIP, and Stan, KD0BQ Are authorized to spend up to $1,000 to provide books to the participating educational institutions as they see fit. The motion passed 21 to 12.

It was also moved to buy another ICE Bandpass Filter for Field Day for $300. The motion passed on a voice vote.

John, N0HZN will be making a big purchase of Anderson Power Poles for those who are interested. Powerpoles are the standard connector for ARES, so it makes it easy for us to swap equipment around as needed.

Respectfully Submitted
K0RGR - Bill Osler - Secretary

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