RARC Meeting Minutes – January 2008

The January meeting of the Rochester Amateur Radio Club was called to order by President KariAnn Wiles, KCØWIP, at 7:02 p.m., January 8th, 2008. at the American Red Cross. There were approximately 37 members present.


KariAnn began the round the room introductions.


Treasurer's Report:  Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Checking $1326.12
Savings $1485.74
CD @ 3.39% (note 1) $4244.21
Cash $20.00
Total $7076.07

Transactions this period:
2008 Dues +$170.00
Donations +$36.60
Interest +$0.01
Qwest -$16.30
RPU (1Q08) -$80.00

Notes: 1 - CD is repeater reserve funds

Membership status:   112 club members (33 paid for 2008)  

The RARC 2007 Financial Statement can be found here.

Submitted by RARC Treasurer, Bob Hart, KCØGND.


  • Programs – Stan KDØBQ
    • In February, Charlie Pederson will present tax implications while voluteering for amateur radio
    • In an upcoming meeting, Jay Bellows will present the ARRL events
    • In March, Scott Wright will give a presentation on vertical dipoles, and more on DXing


    Meeting Minutes:

    The December 2007 meeting minutes were approved.


    Committee reports:


  • Public Service – Steve WØSTV for John NØHZN
    • Frozen Goose Event coming up February 2. See John NØHZN if you would like to help.
    • More public server event information will be on the web site soon.


  • ARES – Bob ABØBW
    • Bob has more ARES badges to pass out. We don't need new badges for 2008.
    • Bob is generating the new Sunday ARES net control operator schedule for 2008. See Bob if you would like to be a net control operator.


  • EOC – Steve WØSTV
    • No information yet on SKYWARN training dates for 2008.
    • The EOC is finishing the process of hooking up equipment. Will have two multi-mode stations and SSTV available.
    • Jon Turk will be the city emergency coordinator.
    • The EOC should have everything fully operational in the next couple of months.


  • Technical committee – Rob KCØFOW
    • Did not meet this month.



    New Business:


    • Bill NØNUV reported that the Schaeffer school station would be operating Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 11:00 to 2:30PM HF on 20 Meters. The school call sign is till KDØBZG, but will soon be WØSAA.

    • Stan KDØBQ proposed thst club members all have non-ARES name badges for events. We could have different color badges for different license classifications. Stan also proposed a photo directory of the club that would be available on the club web site.

    • Carl KØYIH passed around a sample name badge that he makes. He offered to make name badges for club members at a cost of $6. The badges can be magnetic, or clip on, and have name, call sign, and whatever else you would like. He passed a sign up sheet around for those that were interested.

    • KariAnn KCØWIP mentioned asked if there was any interest in forming a committee to review the club bylaws. Bob KCØGND and Dave KCØUCN will be reviewing to bylaws, If anyone else is interested, please contact Bob or Dave.

    • The meeting took a 10 minute recess from 7:25 to 7:35 p.m. and then resumed.

    • Stan KDØBQ, Scott KØMD, and KariAnn KCØWIP then presented the proposal for the club to host the Midwest Summer HamConvention WØDX Convention for HF and VHF and WØ Contest Central with Forums to be held in Rochester at the University Center August 8 - 10, 2008. A PowerPoint presentation was shown that outlined the convention's features, presenters, forums and workshops, and a list of exhibitors. The convention co-chairs are KariAnn, Stan, and Scott. They will be recruiting help from the club as well. The convention financial considerations and attendence projections were also presented. The club members also saw a presentation from Donna and Tracy from the Rochester Convention and Visitors Bureau. After the presentations there were several comments and questions. A motion was then made for the club to fully support the Midwest Summer HamConvention as long as it has non-profit organization status. The motion passed.

    • Don KCØQGB metioned that the new sun spot cycle has officially started.


    The meeting was then adjourned at 8:55 p.m.


    Respectfully submitted, Daryl Mowrer, ACØID



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